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Boxes and cakes

korallieam Blog

I am very excited about helping out with Blades of Ascension, but excitement has a way of clouding objectivity. You end up with all sorts of crazy ideas that don't work. I have to remember not to jump at shiny, flitting ideas, but to lay them out properly. I plan to help out a lot with the story side of things (like quests and such) and hope that my day time and other people's day times aren't completely opposite. It's hard to collaborate with people when you're asleep.

It's also hard to be clear and keep things cohesive when you're not awake. I used to be a night owl, but I can't do that anymore. I don't have the endurance for it anymore and that makes me sad. Family life and notices happen at night time. Friends talk online at night time. The Milky Way rises at night time. The wind and is different at night time. People talk at night time and I tend to miss it all, because the dreamworld has already risen to the surface and real life becomes the dream.

Anyway, story wise, I have discovered it is important to have structure. Throughout my writing journey (ie since I was a kid who wanted to be either an author or illustrator, preferably both - of which I am neither, but hasn't stopped me doing stuff as a hobby), I have finally conceded to the advise of the wiser experienced writers out there. I used to dislike planning and plotting, because then it meant I knew the whole story and I wanted to find out where the story led itself, not dictate it. Stories are more satisfying and stick/suit better when they have a skeletal structure, a central core that flies the whole ship.

With Blades of Ascension, we have an idea.

There is the template for a box, but the box has yet to be cut out and folded to be made into a box. And then the box must be filled and layered, so that when the gift has been presented to the target, they will peel back the layers one by one. Each layer deeper, each layer widening the eyes in awe as the story/gameplay/wholesomeness unfolds, until you reach the bottom of the box and become wonderstruck. But not before the box has been nicely wrapped and made pretty and presented with a card of course. The most important thing about a present is the anticipation and nervous waiting. The heightened expectation that is eventually satisfied when the recipient gets so much more than they thought they would get.

First you have to wait for the present.
When you get the present you have to unwrap it.
Once you unwrap it, you have to open the box.
In the open box you see one thing, but take that away, something else catches your eye and then something else and something else.
You become immersed in the contents of the box.
Each layer closely related, yet able to exist on its own as a whole.

Like layers in a cake. The cake might be awesome, but when you realise that the cake base is also edible (maybe filled with popping candy) and is as good as the cake, that makes the cake so much better. And when you've finished the cake, you get that feeling of satisfaction that makes you sit back with a sigh. That is before you start searching for any left over crumbs.

Attempt 2

Attempt 2

korallieam Blog

The same happened to myself when I tried to do a blog post! Hope the comments here don't have a 'minimum characters' restriction!

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