My niece Kieza is always not responding me, even her BFF Camille.

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New Starcraft Mod In Development - Vacation Wars

CIS_Razorback Blog

I will begin to create this mod and it will take a while for me to complete. Because I am now graduating in high school, my updates will be late. Here are the three races for this mod.

Terran - Confederacy of the Independent Systems (CIS)
Darth Vader deactivated most of the droid army around the galaxy upon his uprising. Meanwhile on Earth on 2007, Miguel Cervantes built a new Master Droid Brain to create his new CIS army with a dark color on most units. In 2010, his army is completed and ready for service.

Protoss - Terradus Empire
In 2009, Eddie Singh and Michael Singh gone solo, fighting Miguel's family in order to have money quickly. And also they fight each other. When the CIS rose again, Eddie and Michael had no choice but to team up to create their own army with chemical weapons and the Virax aliens.

Zerg - Xeneon Squadron
In 2005, Kieza found a Xena Crystal on Laiya beach and kept it as a secret. As a result, she created her own army of teen girls with high technology. In 2007, Kieza's best friend Camille found the Cybros Crystal and merged with the Xeneon to create a Celaron robotic army.

INC Medical Mission

CIS_Razorback Blog

It looks like that Manila is overcrowded. It looks like a ZERG RUSH. Many people are there and I was unable to go out. Roads were closed also.

Source: ABS-CBN News, GMA News, Aksyon News, and Church News.

PS. I am an INC Member also.

Ignore: dijweofhaweofhawfhuioawefhperhuopawrheownherghgfvgsdfjogergfower

Starcraft Disneyland Project

CIS_Razorback Blog

Before the Philippine Senetorial Elections, I am going to create a Starcraft Map called Disneyland.
It will feature 4 players. One player is at the outside of the park, One player is at Critter Country, One player is at Mickey's Toontown, and One player is at Tomorrowland.

Resources Available:
Main Street: 2
Adventureland: 1
Frontierland: 2
Critter Country, New Orleans Square and Mickey's Toontown: 1
Fantasyland and Tomorrowland: 2

More maps coming soon.

Help me!

CIS_Razorback Blog

Please help my starcraft mod Starcraft 2 the zerg rises and this means war they need my help!

Please help my starcraft mod Starcraft 2 the zerg rises and this means war they need my help!

Please help my starcraft mod Starcraft 2 the zerg rises and this means war they need my help!

First Post

CIS_Razorback Blog

My name is Miguel Cervantes (KiNG_RaPtOR) and now I am on Moddb. before you can view my work you must send to me a friend request.


I am only 13 years old and I'm born on March 15, 1999, and i studied on St. Andrews School.

I also live in Paranaque City with my Parents Francisco and Imelda Cervantes.

Have a nice day.


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