I play zombie games like Project Zomboid idk if i spelled that right or wrong,anyway im mostly playing one full day if not im outside hangin with some friends or still working on a Rock Band .The name of my band will be called Still Breathing i HOPE I BECOME FAMOUS :) ummm well when i play a multiplayer game of any kind i dont like messing peoples items or shit like that , im also very friendly not cruel evil gamer. If you guys or girls every see me in a game an intrested playin with me send me a msg or a friends request and ill happly answer back . I d also like to include somethin dont ask me if im a pothead or a black guy my username is a pothead weed namme id just think its cool ! I got that on a video on youtube just search ASAP , dont watch the videos if your 14 and below . well thats about it , i know i miss spelled some words but F@#K it YOLO :) !


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