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Gritty Door Kick

Kildar Blog

The one problem I have with Source Engine games is their tendency to have the combat run and gun, most noticeably 'Half Life', 'Counter Strike' and 'Left 4 Dead'. Now don't get me wrong, these are great games (except Counter Strike for the simple reason, it's shit), but I grow frustrated when I cant aim down the Iron Sights to engage far off targets or ask my followers to give me cover fire while I flank.

In L4D teamwork is top notch and the 'infected human' kicks the 'zombies' ass any day, but when I see a 'smoker' stalking in the distance my finger instinctively clicks the right mouse button to aim down the sights and cap dat foo' . Bit to my distaste I only end up rifle butting my buddy in the back of the head. The fact that this only happens once every couple of months means it's fine and I can ignore it, also the fact that the infected are up close to you trying the pummel you to death before you can say 'OMGWTFBBQ!!!!one1' makes it ok. (the addition of a scoped rifle makes me forget altogether)

In Half Life 2 the atmosphere is perfect for a decent shooter but instead they picked a run and gun puzzle game. When I play it I want to be the combine soldiers who look kick ass and tactical but instead I have to play as this stupid physicist twat, Gordon Freetard, while killing uncountable numbers of Force Reconnaissance marines, aliens, zombies, CPs and Bio Engineered soldiers, still hasn't figured out that aiming down the sights increases his accuracy. Maybe that's why the rebels keep saying 'reload doctor freetard'......god I hate when they say that.

Counter Strike is for noobs, leave it at that.

Two mods have taken the brilliant source engine and have developed exellent shooters: SMOD:Tactical and Insurgency. Both of which take skill to play (unlike gayass Counter Strike). Insurgency's weapons are perfect to the detail (unlike gayass Counter Strike) and SMOD:Tactical's bullet physics are Matrix awesome (unlike gayass Counter Strike).

Having said all that, my favourite mod is 'Minerva:Metastasis' which is run and gun but still awesome.
( I Know I Know Shut up)

Painter X

Kildar Blog

As you can probably see I recently got a pen tablet and Corel Painter X. I'm watching tutorials by a guy named Ryan Church (he did concept art for Star Wars ep3) so I'm still learning.

I'm going to be doing concept in first person for a while because I think it's cool. I already did one that is themed around a 28 days later style thing with the biohazard sign.

so plz post comments and let me know what you think.

Kildar out.

My First Mod

Kildar Blog

Soon I'm going to start working on my first mod after a lot of research and playing other mods to get ideas. I was going to make a mod about the 7 hour war but a few people are doing this so I decided i would try something different (and easier :-) ) The character from my first idea was a member of the Combat Applications Group (Delta Force) named Micheal Ritter. I really liked this character so I decided I would use him in this mod. The mod will start with the 'G man' releasing Ritter from stasis and puts him on a train to City 16.
Game play will focus on avoiding combine checkpoints and patrols to get to the resistance base. I will focus on realism and create realistic firefights. I will use the weapons from Half Life 2 and will add 3 new weapons:

1: Kimber Model Colt M1911.
2: The Barret M468.
3: The Chey Tac M200 .408 caliber Sniper rifle.

Ammo for these will be scarce at the start so you will have to conserve you ammo. At the end of the game I will please those who like huge firefights and have a large cityfight.
Please be patient for this is my first mod and will take awhile (Programming is completely over my head :( ).

Wish me luck.

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