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Mass Effect 3 Demo - First Impressions

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The game plays great; It's like this orgasmic hybrid of ME1 and ME2, with smoother animations and gunplay. The game is VERY cinematic, even during combat. I grinned when I watched Shepard involuntarily yank his head back from into as bullets pepperd the corner I was peeking around.

Voice acting is the best it's ever been. The dialogue between Shepard and Anderson felt incredibly natural, as did Chatter from Wrex, Garrus, Liara, and Mordin, who all made appearances.

Textures are ugly as sin, though I can expect some mods for that, however, the facial animations seem painfully stiff. Minor Gripes however, and I am VERY optimistic for the game.

The multiplayer is also surprisingly deep and fun as hell. Challenging, too. The improved AI really shows. It isn't just some shoehorned multiplayer mode.

Great Moments in Gaming: Episode Two

PeacefulPatriot Blog

Some people call Crysis a generic shooter. To hell with them. They just don't know how to use the Nanosuit with the environment.

I remember when I first really used the Nanosuit in Crysis. I power threw a grenade at a sniper nest, then used the wreckage as a ramp to sprint up into the air above a camp, blowing up a Jeep Mid-air and landing on a KPA Guard. Then I alternated stealth and speed to rush and shotgun everyone else before throwing someone into a shantytown building and killing the guy that was pussying out inside of it. SO GENERIC.

Great Moments in Gaming: Episode one

PeacefulPatriot Blog

Battlefield 3- After clearing a base by launching my last RPG at a building and crushing 2 men with the rubble, I picked up a dropped stinger launcher and launched it at an F35. I disabled it and it plummeted to the ground and into a patrol buggy with two people in it, scoring me a triple road kill/double vehicle destroy. So much cooler than a 360 no scope collateral headshot.
This is the best use for a blog I can think of for the time being.
I might start doing stupid top tens, first impressions, and stuff as well. Maybe.

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