ahaa alas my friend alas my friend for i have vowed! i have found something to put into my bio... jk i'm not that crazy.

i'm just a person trying to learn python/pygame and am having allot of trouble with it because there are no really easy tutorials online that are easily accessible.

anyhow i am kinda good with graphics/graphic design but i still have allot to learn. i do my work (if you could call it that) because i enjoy it.

i have very bad spelling, not because of a lack of English-power but because i type moderately quickly and have tiny spindly fingers...
AND i NEVER capitalize my i's

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about a week ago my dad and i found a bike in the alley with no break cables or gear shift cables so we fixed it up, turning it into a pretty decent bike. today was the first day i rode it.

i own my own bike (it's red and a Raliegh) it's pretty nice but waay big! so we were biking along and i hit a little bump which: first scared the .... out of me, and then made me think: what are helmets really for, they aren't prevention becasue you still get into accadents. so would that make them for protection, because you still do get in crashes that way, it just dampens the head reigon a bit. so if they're not for protection and are not for pretection, what other p words could you use to describe them?

so all in all it was a great bike ride.

just got it...

just got it...

kburts Blog
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