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[New games are coming update 18/11/12]

Ubisoft 'ZombiU "is one of the absolutely most anticipated titles for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console. The game launched alongside the new console at the end of the month and fans of both zombies and survival probably have a lot to look forward to here. "ZombiU" will in fact give players the opportunity to explore a zombie-infested London. With a life at your disposal and poor in resources, players must search for everything from food to bullets to survive. This week Ubisoft released launch trailer for the game. You can see this and a new gameplay video, under

[ZombiU - Launch Trailer]

[ZombiU - Get Out of London WiiU Trailer]

ZombiU" has release date 30 november 2012. The game only comes to WiiU.

IO Interactive's highly anticipated "Hitman Absolution" is now just around the corner. The game has been given a bunch admirable trailers and earlier this week we showed also highlights the intense launch trailer for the game. Among the trailers for the game, we have however also found a number of so-called ICA files that provide background information about the game more outstanding grades. The latter was also released this week and it is of course the outstanding Agent 47 who finally has the focus. The video can be seen below as usual.

[Hitman Absolution - Agent 47 ICA File]

"Hitman Absolution" has release date 20 November 2012.
The game comes to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

Capcom chose to go to the Ninja Theory to develop the latest "Devil May Cry" game. "DMC: Devil May Cry", as the game is called, is considered to be a kind of reboot or alternative interpretation of the established series. Dante is back, albeit in a younger form, and bring with them a set of new and old characters. This week we have two developer diaries that introduces us to some of the side characters and the actors behind them, and a new gameplay video from the game. All videos can certainly be seen below.

[DmC Devil May Cry - Meet the Cast - 01 Absolute Power]

[DmC Devil May Cry - Meet the Cast - 02 Fighting the Power]

[DmC Devil May Cry - "Home Truths" gameplay]

DMC: Devil May Cry" has release date 15 January 2013.
The game comes
to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

Sony Online Entertainment, also known as SOE is immediately ready with "Planetside 2". The game, which is called a MMOFPS or massivly Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter, namely released this week and both fans of MMOs and FPS fans have much to look forward to here. The game is set to a future where the three powers, the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty fighting over the planet Auraxis. This week, Sony Online Entertainment released enough an 'outfit' trailer for the game. See the trailer below.

[PlanetSide 2 - Rolls with The Devil Dogs]

Planetside 2" has release date 20 november 2012.
The game is
only for PC.


ZombiU Looks Awesome!!!!

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