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R.E.B.O.R.N. Another Way 2.53 ENG

Mod review

So this is a Clear Sky mod, but you start in Zaton.
At game start you are told to run and there are dogs behind you idea where run.
After you run a bit, you get message to get swag from rusty ship, and a pointer on the map shows Skadovsk.

Zaton is completely empty of NPCs and stashes. Only mutants everywhere....a whole zone full of...nothing but mutants.
The mutants chase indefinitely, they never give up. I got the "attention" of a pseudogiant in Izmudrovye and it continued to chase til Skadovsk.

I enter Skadovsk while sinking through the floor and having to jump like a frog to get ahead through the sinking floor.
I find the swag and get a shotgun with 10 ammo from it but the pointer is still there and no update.
The pseudogiant enters Skadovsk, i go to the top, psudogiant follows and gets to the top same time as me (dont ask how) then it hits the ground, i fly high, and higher...and higher...its like im being put into orbit, i get the privilege to admire the horrible graphics of this mod where everything is swallowed by fog in the distance....then i finally start falling ...and of course die on impact.

I reload this pathetic piece of junk because im curious just how stupid can it get. You start the game late evening so you have to do everything at night.
This time i avoid the pseudogiant, get to skadovsk safely, get the swag and.....what now?
Only thing on the map is the exit to i guess i should go there? Fine i'll try.

I start my way to that location through the night, i get there without incident since the area is empty with the exception of some dogs and occasional pseudogiants....then a huge army of mutants shows up over again....

Bad design, pathetic translation, incomplete and buggy....
I gave it a 1 because there is no option to give a zero.



Game review

Surprisingly good game!
Many games are trying so hard to be funny and cool and they fail miserably, while this one succeeds brilliantly, its both funny and fun to play. Music score is excellent too.



Game review

I have been a gamer for many years, after playing so many games, very few manage to impress me anymore. Well, Driftmoon was one of those games.
Many have attempted to re-create the feeling of the "good old games" but none has done it so well while managing to feel fresh too.
The game is a delight to play, everything is well made and it doesnt get boring like so many games.
I think i had a smile on my face almost all the time i played it, very well written and surprisingly well done game.



Game review

The artwork is wonderful, very detailed, very polished and a pleasure to look at.
The dual-world concept is not new but i think this is the best implementation i've seen so far.
The level design is very good, exploring the levels and finding the hidden places is interesting and fun but very hard, even on the easy difficulty, the game is hard. I die a lot but keep coming for more.
Its a very good and polished game, its a pity so few indie games are so professionally made.


Bad game, even for an indie.
Badly designed, full of bugs, pointless.
Start game, you get some hardly readable text thrown at you (typos included), you punch a monkey, then get a timer and a text saying defend your house. Then you get teleported to the house (which is just two steps away) and you are now in auto run mode (first bug).
You start spanking...i mean punching more get no visual or audible clue when you are hit, you cannot move while punching and get stuck after.....just bad.
But the bad doesnt end here, theres more bad to come.
So i got tired of punching monkeys and i went a bit out of their way (they just keep coming on a stright line).
I entered the water and zboing...dead...respawn in auto run mode....grrr...
Go a bit to the left, jump on a platform, image gets fuzzy, "finished level" screen pops....takes me to "second" level....try to jump on a platform, fall in water that didnt seem deep enough but it was....zboing dead respawn in auto run....bla bla.
This game is a mess, nothing more nothing less, as it stands it borders on lack of respect for the players.
With a bit of polish the game could have been good, i wonder if the developer is still working on it or intends to leave it in the poor state its in.


Isaac the Adventurer

Game review

Chernobyl Commando

Game review - 2 disagree

First person shooter in Chernobyl setting? Of course players will think about Stalker, but this game has nothing in common with Stalker.
Its a lot like CoD, namely follow the pointer to the target and dont leave the area while executing different shooting tasks.
Not a bad game, has surprisingly good shooting action and the graphics are nice.
As usual with many Polish developed games, the item system is pretty much non-existent. I dont know why so many Polish developers consistently chose to ignore this game aspect.

Usually the CoD style games rely heavily on show and very little on gameplay, this one has more gameplay than show which could be good or bad depending what you looking for in this kind of games.



Game review - 3 agree

Surprisingly good action rpg. Behind the silly story and simple aesthetics lies a very solid game.
Has a Diablo-like loot system which is great, nice stats and skill system, lots of exploring and roaming, dungeons, tough enemies, puzzles and what not.

Gameplay to me feels like an old school Genesis a-rpg with a Diablo loot system, a good idea imho.
Very playable and very enjoyable if you're not put off by the graphics (personally i like them).


A Valley Without Wind

Game review


Game review - 3 disagree

Katabasis only requires 30-40 minutes of your time.
Its not a game in the classical sense, but it is intriguing, fascinating even, and it tells a sad and disturbing story.
All you have to do is go along with it for 30 minutes, not much to ask, and the experience will linger with you long after you finished your journey.

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