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Kings of Kung Fu Kickstarter Launch !!!!

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After a year of tireless work and dogged perseverance the Official Kings of Kung Fu kickstarter campaign has launched. Kings of Kung fu is the ultimate fighting game that martial arts film fans have been dreaming of for years. It is a game made by a fan of the genre for fans of the genre.
Click the link to find out more about the game and to donate and support.
Please feel free to leave any questions or suggestions.
Thank you

Kings of Kung Fu crowd funding

J.S.B Blog 1 comment

After a long week of preparation, I am now getting ready to Kickstart my game. It is my first time on Kickstarter so there are feelings of anxiety. I hope fans of fighting games and Martial arts films can support the game and see how much passion went into making the alpha prototype. I will keep you updated on all things related to the game on this site.

Kings of Kung Fu

J.S.B Blog

Hello everyone welcome to my Kings Of Kung Fu Indiedb page.
I look forward to getting to know the many members of this community.
I hope you enjoy the videos I display. Any questions or comments feel free share at any time.

Kings of Kung Fu is passion project, a love letter to martial arts cinema, a project born out of a lifelong love of Martial arts films. These films were a major part of my childhood. I always wanted to see the best styles in Martial Arts films in one game. Imagine Jeet Kune Do style vs Drunken Boxing or Shaolin Hung Gar style vs Wing Chun. The possibilities are endless, and now for the first time ever you can see your favorite movie fighting styles in one game.
This game was created in Unity and UFE.

  • 1 on 1 Kung fu fighting action
  • 12 Character styles inspired by classic kung fu films
  • 15 Original stages inspired by classic kung fu films
  • Over 100 unique moves per character
  • Original Dynamic blocking/counter system
  • Authentic recreation of sound effects
  • Robust soundtrack inspired by classic kung fu films

    The Game is currrently in the Early Alpha Development stage

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