im working on a song right now, called sickness of love i rly hope someone likes it, but that guy you say "Wow that guy is ugly as fricking hell. I would rather chop my own arm off then date him." well hinthint, get to know me before you judge. Again im not good looking, but i love myself. Its hard to put how messed up you feel on the internet, cuz then everyone can see it... so instead ill say this. TECHNOLOGY IS DESTROYING US. it has ruined my life... TV, video games, media. all tht shit... it obviously isnt making people feel good about themselves when there are several hundred suicides accounted for just for cyber bullying. it disgusts me how far life has become very tech based now. i really really wish all the hundreds of millions of stupid teenagers would get a wake up call.
last thing i wanna say..... alot of people dont really honestly know me... they see this big social guy on the outside, who doesnt care about what others think. but on the inside that isnt true. im a completely different person. i just wish there were others like me... people who see the truth, that are my age obviously, but it takes a good decade after ur teens til u finally get through tht phase.
ok honestly last thing i wanna put here
many of my friends will read this and immediately try to help me. i dont need your pity, or ur help. i need understanding. love. compassion. something i can only get from someone who truely knows me, accepts me for me, and honest to god, loves me.
and no. that does not mean my mom. she dont nothing bout the real me.
all it takes is a little dedication

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