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Hai there

It's been a while since I posted anything on here (last blog was in February i think).

Anyway, I've been drawing stuff and I started a Cry of Fear CC a while ago which I decided to postpone for a while until now.

I've decided to continue it and hopefully you guys will enjoy it so much :3

Enjoy it n shit


JonSplitz Blog

Well, it's been a pretty cool month. Can't wait for Valentine's day as well.
I also brought Hotline Miami + I fucking love it.
I did some drawings as well which look pretty cool. Link here: Jonsplitz.deviantart.com
I don't know what to say now...

Leaving the CoF forums

JonSplitz Blog

I'm leaving the forums.
I am too addicted to the Internet right now. I need a fucking life. I have no IRL friends and no social life.
I might come back one day, I'll still continue with the CC demo but after the demo that's it, I won't be continuing with the CC anymore..
I had fun guys and I met some amazing people and some enemies as well.

If you want to contact me, here are the links:
Steamcommunity.com - steam
Moddb.com - ModDB
Jonsplitz.tumblr.com - Tumblr
Jonsplitz.deviantart.com - DeviantART

Well, I found this on deviantART and I feel like this represents me leaving. (It's MLP, don't complain about it)
[taken down because it's too big]

I had an awesome time here, I'll never forget you guys.
Goodbye, cry of fear forums.

N00BS and B00BS

JonSplitz Blog

Welcome back.

I have a few websites now here they are:
YT - Youtube.com
Steam - Steamcommunity.com
DeviantART - Jonsplitz.deviantart.com

Voice Acting:
I've been having these problems which have slowed down my voice acting work like school, homework, my prefect duties, my YT channel and most recently, my PC broke down. Thudo, I apologise about the delay but I'll try and send you the lines ASAP.

Problem with Reviews:
I had this problem for a while now and this is what I know so far.
1. I can't edit any of my review, I can give ratings but I can't change them.
2. When I spoke to Henley about this, he said that my permission to edit them has been removed.

If anyone could help me, that would be great.

More recommendations:
Hidden: source - it can be scary at times (You fight a invisible dude who can one hit kill you, HOW'S THAT NOT SCARY??!!) It's a blast to play through but it gets boring if you die first and the guy playing the hidden is 1337.

K *Gets slapped by an invisible hand*

Let's do the blogs and stuff

JonSplitz Blog

Hey guys,
Here's another blog coming at yah (yeah that sounded gay)

My YouTube channel:
I have a YT channel if you guys don't know so here it is.

My mod idea:
I won't discuss it but it's called Suicidal and it's for Half life 2: Ep 2

Voice acting:
I'm voice acting for two mods. Jealous.
G String V2 - Spaceport announcer
Unnamed WarHammer 40k mod - Night Lords unit

More recommendations:
Faceless - I know lots of people played the original slender but it's made through (you guessed it) the source engine and it's multiplayer. Release date: Unknown

Nightmare House 2 - It's been out for 2 years and it is still scary as fuck. Release date: 2010

Another Month, Another Blog

JonSplitz Blog

Here's to blogging, the great unknown....

Now that's done, I need to talk to you. I started recording my playthrough of CoF now and I was just wondering, Do you guys want to see it?

Another thing: About the CC2 thing... I got kicked out and it was renamed CoF: Memories and a couple of people also left as well but I don't want to get into it too much.

Promotion: I would like to promote two mods which are awesome in it's own way
1. Cry of Fear (HL1 mod), easily one of the best mods of all time and I highly recommend you check out their page and track it.

2. Grey (HL2:EP2 mod),It looks really good and scary but it won't be good as Cry of fear but I still highly recommend you check out their page and track it as well (BTW, the release date for this mod is the 30th of August or earlier).

That's all the time I have left, I hope you enjoy your day!
PS. I've been thinking of doing a mod but I'll talk about it next time!

New stuff

JonSplitz Blog

Sup guys, so now you guys are wondering what I been up to now. Well, now I'm currently mapping for a custom campaign for cry of fear (a half life 1 mod) and it's a community collaboration with me, ruMpel (the creator of cry of fear), arvuti, thesebmarsh (a YouTube let's player) and several other mappers contriubuting maps for this custom campaign. Don't have a release date for the campaign since it is still being mapped so probably in 1 to 2 weeks.

What I been up to!

JonSplitz Blog

Hey guys, do you guys want to know what I been up to? Well your gonna find out! Just recently I made a sound cloud account and I put two clips on there. One of the clips is me reading an extract of the first bit of the hunger games book and another is me reading the intro of cry of fear (original voice actor who did the intro was DragonNOR, good voice actor and voice the main character of Cry of Fear as well). My account is at www.soundcloud.com/jonsplitz so check them out! Also, I am thinking of taking media studies for my A levels so this voice acting thing may help me with that A level!


JonSplitz Blog

Hi, I'm new to modb but I have downloaded lots of mods from this site. Just yesterday, I realised that I want to be in a mod as a voice actor and because I am doing a GCSE in Drama, I could help people in mods! I will do any type of mod, whether it is a half life mod or a amnesia mod, I will do it if it has the right charater for me to do!
If you want me to be in your mod, contact me through ModDB

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