I'm a Technical Artist from Sweden currently working on Eco Tales : My Item Shop.

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Hello fellow gamedevs!

I'm going to return to my personal blog for some of the things unrelated to Eco Tales, however, these blogs will also be shared on our company blog so you may just as well visit it as well!

With that said, I've recently started to dabble into Houdini and to my surprise, there aren't that many tutorials out there on using it for game development.

So, being totally in love with my own voice and an ex-teacher I figured, why not create some?

There are plenty of getting started tutorials out there so the ones I'll be recording will mostly be around whatever I find useful in my daily Unity and Unreal work.

First up is a short video on getting pre-fractured rigid body animations into Unity, check it out!

I accidentally cut out the FBX-export from that video, so here's a Quick Tip on how to do that.

Using attributes doesn't work with FBX-files, so in this video we look at how we add working material slots to the fractured mesh.

Here's the link to the Houdini Gamedev Tools.

There is an outdated version on getting one into Unreal which I might create a new version of soon, unless the original author does, so make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and write a comment if you find the thought alluring!

Tjipp och Hej as we say in Sweden

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