I'm a student in London studying video game design, development and some history... and some other stuff, on one of those courses that gets slagged off by everyone for being too unfocused... so yea, hate me :'(

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3DS Max scene
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That one reminds me of The Legend Of Zelda, namely Wind Waker and Ocarina Of Time. Nice job, dude!

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JohnnyMaverik Author

Thanks, glad you like it, technically it's really amateur work and I'd like to re-do it at some point but sadly I really don't have the time for the foreseeable future. Definitely something I'll get round to at some point though as I'm still proud of the concept and if I re-did it now I reckon it could be a pretty stunning scene.

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I built this in 3DS Max 2010, it's my first full project and I started on it after learning Max (with no previous experience) for a month and a half on my course at uni. It took me bloody ages, probably about a solid week of work if you add up all the hours, if you don't then about 2 months, and I finished it in the first week of may 2010 (I don't remember the exact day).

The original concept was to create a visual representation of some of the philosophies of Plato (namely the allegory of the cave) and Dawkins (his views on religious beliefs vs. belief in scientific method and understanding), although to be honest it ended up fairly muddled.

Technically there are a lot of things wrong with it, most notably the specular levels not being accurate on all of the materials, the wall texture in particular being kinda hideous, and the pattern on the stained glass window being projected through the light being straight up faked since I couldn't work out how to do it any other way, hence the reason it comes directly out of the wall.

I am however very proud of it, especially considering I'm pretty much still a noob, although I had the best teacher anybody could have asked for. Still, I decided to post it here because I have a lot of room for improvement, so any feed back would be much appreciated, while I'm always busy working on something I would like to go back to this once my skills have improved, and any pointers as to what I could look at improving in the scene, and in my technical abilities based on the quality of work displayed in this scene would be very much appreciated.

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