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F-22 & Su-35 mod

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

This content does not fit Freelancer in any way whatsoever and therefore it is not a good mod
To be a good mod in my book you need:
1.Almost seemless transition between vanilla and mod
2.Feels like it is part of the modded games universe and finally
3.Does not add overpowered weaponry

Now what this mod does is adds in lower tech vehicles used in the 21st century IN ATMOSPHERE whilst Freelancer is mostly used IN VACCUME SPACE
That isnt all though, The engine systems are also lower tech and would not generate the push required to make it out of atmosphere let alone out into space.Also the ammountof fuel cant even allow it to go halfway across Earth let alone the Universe!
Finally since they are old vehicles they shouldnt be able to utilize Freelancer payloads and weaponry and should not be able to have ANY cargo in them whatsoever as they are fighter jets and also that would dramatically reduce the vehicle performance.

This mod makes no attempt to even pass as a good mod at all and does not do anything to hide its awful storyline integrity even by calling them "Relics of a forgotten age enhanced with current technology"
If they tried to say that and made them a little bigger then I would forgive em and given this an 8 for what it does but all they have to do is add a little backstory and size it up a little.

Please dont take this personally but this mod is a turd on a stick


Mount and Musket: Battalion

Mod review - 2 agree

Now rather than simply say "EPIC THIS IS A TEN DEFINATELY" I shall instead say why I like this and what I'd like to see in the future:
I loved the reload times in this they are rather true to reality however you cant fire accurately enough to get a good shot at a range where staying and reloading to shoot again is a viable idea in an open plains map(People will say its supposed to be like that but its a bit annoying when you get bayonet rushed)
Another thing I liked was that small confined fort map however you could improve that a bit more:A bigger space for your team to spread out (35 men in that small space charged by 35 men from the opposing team is a very lag inducing moment)And also perhaps make cannons more powerful when hitting walls as 5 or 6 hits to destroy a wall is a bit unrealistic
New Ideas:Perhaps a mode where 2 people are commanders and the rest are normal soldiers and you can give out orders as a commander(Realism mode will have commanders on the ground looking at a map to give orders and has a radius where people can hear him and others outside the radius cant and non realism mode is just a top down view giving orders to everybody clicking them to give orders)
I hope you take in what I have said into consideration and look forward to the next update!

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