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Good news everyone!


You can watch the second episode there, and if you like it then you should subscribe! We honeslty really appreciate it smile

If you didn't catch the first episode then: Youtube.com

Link spam ;D

I should make the rules clear really, so I'll give you the video description to make it easier: Three guys - Luke, Joe and Kurtis - gather all they can with which to travel into the deep, dark and scary underground world beneath them.
As if this wasn't daunting enough, there are rules which they must obey...

1. Each player has three lives, the series will come to an abrupt end if they lose all nine.
2. They must never be allowed to set foot on land again as soon as they commit to going under.
3. The overall goal of the series is store 30 diamond in their "bank"

Wish these three hopeful heroes luck, as they embark on their quest to relish in the delights that come with the finding of 30 diamond!
Again, if you like the video you should like it too, and I've got some updates too smile
The whole process we have for filming and our output will change soon - The two other people will be getting mics and also there will be a graphic overhaul in which the title screens will be getting snazzier smile
This won't come into effect until the 5th Underground Survival Series (yes we do last that long - which is surprising if you watch the second episode!) but you'll see it sooner on the new quest videos that me and Luke will be giving to you very soon smile

This post ended up being longer than I expected, but again, we love you guys and we're only looking to give something back to the community by hopefully entertaining you in some way or another.

Many thanks in advance,
Joe from the Mob Team

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