I make minecraft videos in my spare time and I love it! :D Check out my youtube channel which is linked here on my page. Remember to subscribe if you like what you see! I also help out answering questions for MERP fans :)

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Steve and his friend go through the reasons not to kill a pig and the beauty of Minecraft.For the resources I used on this animation go here: Minecraftforum.net creator is very friendly, and he is willing to help people!

This is my first attempt at putting GLaDOS into minecraft!
It could have gone better, but I think I got the voice down ;)

Look at this trailer now, it's on 2000 views! :D

Episode 8

MobsInBlack Blog

The eighth episode in the most underground series on the internet!
In this episode, you will see:
- Joe's firefighting skills
- Kurt's torch generosity
- Luke run about with reckless abandon (as usual)
- Some successful diamond harvesting! (we promise)

Epic Picture

MobsInBlack Blog

Check out this awesome image made for us by this guy: Liger69.deviantart.com
Truly an awesome picture!
Made as a teaser image for our upcoming adventure series on youtube! :D
More on that later, we've got some truly awesome stuff coming to you, please watch this account for updates when we make progress or being out a new video it means alot to us!


Trailer Time

MobsInBlack Blog

So this is a trailer we whipped up real quick to show people that we're working on something big :)
Or atleast bigger than our average slew of normal minecraft videos :)
Not bad for the time that was put in, may create another or updated version of this one after come time!

I suppose this is the part where I talk about how nobody reads this, but I don't really mind that much :P
I guess even if one person did, it would still be cool

With the home really coming into shape, things start to take a turn for the worse when Luke discovers his new found talent...

I still doubt anyone even sees this... OH WELL! You win some and you lose some and this video is mainly filled with lose... *SPOILERS*

We decided to start up the underground series again, this time where we all have microphones to record with!

Enjoy, as if anyone actually reads this or watches it ¬_¬

Another one of our videos is up, and now I have to fill in so many characters for this to be classed as a blog post.

So, yibber yabber jibber jabber hunky dory wotsits. I'm just fleshing out the post if you haven't realised, sorry for the unimaginative approach but it's extremely late and I just want to head to bed right now to be honest...

Episode two is out!

MobsInBlack Blog

We may end up failiing miserably, but we really enjoyed playing through this :)
Top quality map and the link to download was in my previous blog post!
If you liked the video then feel free to a leave a like and if you think you would like to see more then press that big ol' yellow subscribe button at the top there because we would greatly appreciate it :)

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