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New Media, Concept Work, among others

jmarquiso Blog

I. New Concept Art Uploaded

Soon I'm going to have a tutorial on post-apocalyptic, including texturing and the like. Even though it doesn't apply to my current project. However, since mentioning concept art, a few projects have contacted me about work, which is awesome.

As a result, I thought I'd add some more from very old projects. Expect more in the near future.

II. Upcoming Game Announcement

When I joined ModDB I was interested in getting word out about a project that two of us were working on. So, soon, expect some art and music for a project from Guaci Games. That's all I'm going to tease for now. Okay, one more thing -

Retrofuturistic Anthropromorphic Space Animals.

Edutainment - Filmmaking Game

jmarquiso Blog 1 comment

In addition to my current project, I've also thrown together a sort of puzzle game that teaches people how to make movies.

The player - the director - is given a task - he must make a movie.

The "script\" will be given to him, each with notes of items, actors, and dialog that must be covered to be successful. He is also given a budget of takes, time, and items. Each new item is more money spent (time to hire an actor, time to move the camera and placement, etc).

The director places cameras specific places in order to frame the action. He blocks the action and covers all key points. He gets bonus points for framing.

I could see this as a Source Engine mod, believe it or not.


Procedural generation in Unity

jmarquiso Blog

I played around with Unity yesterday and managed to mix the Lerpz around with a procedural city. I'm wondering if I can expand on this and create a Procedural Building of sorts in the same way one would make a Dungeon. Or something even akin to the way L4D2 does its work.

I've played around with Source and Unreal, and I have to say that each sacrifice flexibility for intuitive drag and drop playing. Unity has a lot of flexibility, but unfortunately I'm not a coder. I'm a learning coder, and I hope this first adventure means that more and more could be done.

I hope to post more on the design I'm working on at the moment as time permits.

New Here, New to Modding

jmarquiso Blog

Hello World.

I'm a 2D Animator, Artist, and Video editor looking to get into the game scene. I know very little, but I'm here to learn.

Apparently, though, I must write more than 300 characters here, so I'll just let you know I hope to put up some project updates as the current project goes on. I'm looking for any help with coding, and any suggestions one might have.


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