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Report RSS Would Micro-transactions ruin Destiny?

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Would Micro-transactions ruin Destiny? In my own opinion, absolutely!! Unless they do it right.
Destiny needs to fix the following before they even dare add micro-transactions and join the Free 2 Play Market:

  • -It's not open-world (static, linear levels)
    -It's not "massive" (max 6vs6 lol)
    -No story whatsoever
    -No real campaign
    -Always online (What's the point?)
    -Lacking social features (lack of chat, trading etc.)
    -Bulletsponge AI and Bosses (which is rare coming from Bungie)
    -PvP unbalanced (shotgun, melee, different levels)
    -No variety to Weapons/equipment (most unlocked gun models look the same)
    -Joke loot system
    -3 classes
    -5 locations
    -Mission structure: Go to X, deploy ghost, shoot spawning mobs of dumb enemies, repeat, repeat, repeat

And this game cost how much to create? $500 million dollars!!As Gamers we have to start standing up to things like this before it becomes a growing trend. Things like:

  • 1.) Being pressured into buying full games up front years or months in advance with season passes without any sort of guarantee the content; game companies say will be in the game, are actually in the game. This is why playing a demo or trial version of the game prior to release is necessary. I understand demos don't really sell games, but they can be used to promote games and to give players a taste of what is to come.

    2.) Being initially sold the game without its entirety piece by piece. Provide players the full game, then later add expansions.

Jdawgg25 Author

Check out my blog post here on ideas I brainstormed in which Destiny could be improved. Also, if you have any thoughts or ideas in which Destiny can be improved, please comment on my blog post at the following link:

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