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The Nameless Mod

Mod review

Genius mod!

Thank you all for creating it!


Black Mesa

Mod review

I loved HL1 more than HL2. Now with Black Mesa it's like HL1 being reborn with 2012 technology. I loved playing Black Mesa, it was like replaying HL1 for the first time again and brought back great memories.

I didn't give it a 10/10 "only" because I wished the jumping had been simple as HL1, instead it was more challenging than needed to be and could be frustrating, particularly around the Rails area trying to get off the tracks. My other gamer friends said the same thing when they played through the mod. Oh well, maybe a patch is in the future...

Beautiful mod overall. Very very well done. Thank you for creating it.


Cry of Fear

Game review - 7 agree - 14 disagree

Devs do not support technical issues, or questions of any kind. Without that how can one configure game to play properly.

Configuration in game options is limited as well.

On top of that the followers of this particular mod is abusive and therefore affect my vote as well.


New Vision

Mod review

The mod breaths new life into one of the best games ever made. A great deal of attention and detail went into bringing this game up to date.

The installation is flawless for Steam users.

There are many options for game configuration, which should suit any type of system. The Devs are ready to respond with support and to answer questions.

This mod imo is most deserving to win mod of the year!

Thanks for creating it! :D


STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)

Mod review

First of all let me say great mod. Looks great, works great, sounds great. I was so impressed I wanted to do a Let's Play of it... It shows in every way a ton of work has been put into it. A definite must try/play for gamers!

However as a YouTube Creator I found out the hard way that you added Licensed music like Tatu and other artists etc to which you don't own to the mod/game, therefore putting me in immediate violation of Third Party Content. So I thought well when this happens with other games you can mute the music and bypass issues like this. Not possible with this mod because you lumped in the licensed music into the Sound FX and not the music content... so muting the music in settings doesn't stop the problem. So there is no way around it.

Why had you not considered this before using other peoples IP in your mod?

Wouldn't you want exposure for you mod with Let's Play vids?

Overall for YouTube Creators Copyright Infringement warnings make us very nervous and in this particular case when it's valid with musical artists not originally affiliated with the game we could get reported by the Artist themselves or their publisher and get our account marked...they have a 3x rule before they kill someones channel. Anyway great work on the mod, but I hope in the future you might consider avoiding issues like this. Also a this is a heads up for YouTubers considering this as a Let's Play...



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