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Click here to visit Mindworld: Shattered Dreams!

There are currently positions open for the following jobs:

Texture Artist
3D Organic Modeller
3D Hardsurface Modellers
Graphic Designer (Company and Game Logo Design)
Concept Artist (Environment Art, Character Design, Weapon Design)
Male Voice Actor

The most important information in a nutshell:

• New project name -> Mindworld: Shattered Dreams
• New individual modpage
• First out of three chapters
• Half-Life 2 Modification
• Free to play
• Estimated release date: Q4 2012

Another blog entry - why?

As some of you already read in the last blog entry, there's going to come some big news for Mindworld. Today is this very day. The original Mindworld, developed with UDK is no longer in production. We are going to switch the engines to adjust to the current market situation. This means that the first chapter called Shattered Dreams is going to be developed as a Half-Life 2 Modification.

Mindworld: Shattered what?

Mindworld: Shattered Dreams is the first out of three chapters that is going to be developed. There haven't been done any changes to the original story layout, it's still about a surreal dreamworld that our protagonist Katherine Evans experiences via lucid dreaming.

What has changed?

Nothing regarding the content has changed. We are still going for a very dramatic approach to story telling and use the magic of excellent soundtrack and voice acting to create a fitting atmosphere. The only thing that really has changed is that our business model is now set for sure with this change. We can already promise that the first chapter is going to be absolutely free to play.

What ... Source? UDK had way better graphics -.- !

It's true that the Unreal Engine would have given us the possibility to go for next-gen graphics, but I've already mentioned it in earlier official news on the Mindworld page that we don't really care about graphical standards. One of the reasons why we develope this game is to proof that graphics don't matter at all, if the story is pulling the player in, the gameplay challenging and fun and the atmosphere stunning enough to forget about time. We are not going to go with the trend of developing almost finished games with great graphics and nothing else, but bugs like many big companies do at the moment.

What else has changed?

There have been quite a few changes behind the scenes. I've developed a new concept for a more efficient workflow in overall game development that we haven't used before and the results are clearly showing that we are on the right way with this. Since we set the estimated release date to Q4 2012, the pressure really is on. Working with weekly schedules and doing massive amounts of organization in the background is absolutely necessary and has already proven to be very useful. Also, the team rooster has changed and was adjusted to the new goals and limits that we have.

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