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Making a Better Game

InterfaceLeader Blog

There are tons of blogs and websites out there that are designed to help you make a better game. To go from mediocre, to great. To become a ground-breaking visionary as opposed to that guy who made Deathsquad Racer 7.

Clearly I am going to add this one in, since it's run by some of the people I work with. None the less, plenty of genuinely interesting articles, phillosophising, advice and resources.

This is probably the best resource I've found for articles on the ins-and-outs of Game AI. The writer knows what they are talking about, and shows you how to solve common problems.

Hundreds of thousands of articles about game development, along with a database of game engines and industry news.

It's reviews and news and all the usual stuff, but it's a good site, and it's useful to keep abreast of these things.

"In search of the poetic and lyrical in video games". Video games can be so much more than just derivative shoot-em-ups.  

Warcraft III

InterfaceLeader Blog

I recently got hit with the overwhelming urge to play WC3 again. Reason being, my friend (whose a WoW addict) came to visit me for a week, before I got internet installed. Suffering from WoW withdrawel, she asked me to install WC3, which she had never played. I did, and off she went.

I am one of those people who tends to get obsessive about one game, and stick to it for a while. I don't have the urge to play every title that comes out - nor could I afford to if I did. WC3 was one of the games I played and loved and played and loved. I admit to much preferring RTS over FPS. Civilization, Warcraft, Command & Conquer... these are the games I kick ass at. Shooters, I tend to play on easy, and I never play online, because I just get killed. WC3 was the first game I ever played online, come to think of it. Against, y'know, other people. Or with other people. It was frikkin' awesome.

I anticpiated WoW so much, and when it first came out I WAS addicted But honestly... nowadays I'm just lost and confused. I play it so rarely that when I go back in, I've forgotten where I am and what I'm supposed to be doing. Plus you can't WIN. I like winning. Winning kicks ass. Finishing quests is just not the same as pwning someone. I suppose I could play PVP, but again, I suck, like I do at shooters. I'm a strategy minded person, I guess.

Anyway yes. I suppose I should finish Bioshock first. Which, by the way, is as awesome as everyone said it was.


InterfaceLeader Blog

I got Bioshock working. Woohoo! On the lowest possible graphical settings ever - why are so many new games so damn resource consuming? I really want to play Hellgate: London, but I highly doubt my laptop could take it. It makes me sad. Good graphics is really more about style, colour, camera angles, yada yada, than how much RAM your computer has.

In my humble opinion, anyway.

However, Bioshock is working, and I'm so pleased because I've heard nothing but good things about this game and I wanted to play it SO MUCH.



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