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So I recently spent 2 weeks in NZ catching up with my girlfriend Cassandra (who is a Kiwi - i'm Aussie). Had a blast touring around the South Island (drove about 1500km) seeing the beautiful countryside. Compared to Australia NZ sure does have a lot of hills, snow, rivers and ... sheep!

bumblebee franz joesph glacier

Highlights had to be climbing a glacier and snowboarding for the first time. I wasn't too bad and could do intermediate runs by the days end though my body had taken a beating from all of my wipeouts. Definately will be going back and if you appreciate a good bit of nature I highly recommend you visit NZ. Christchurch (CHCH) is a cool city too.

Cookietime! paragliding in queenstown

Now that i'm back i'm working flat chat on Desura (believe it or not it is getting quite close). Have built in a ton of features for developers who want to release their games on the platform. They can basically customize and control everything... it is all automated and hopefully fast! Keep your eyes peeled for more news.


Glad you had fun.

Good to hear Desura is getting close, cant wait.

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Henley Staff

A blog post! Oh my!

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feillyne StaffSubscriber

About 3 thousand miles? O.o

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looks like a lot of fun! my broher just been there and he recommed it to :) looks awesome!

And.. well... Desura? can't wait :D

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aww u should have told me you were in NZ, you could have come to my house! lol

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