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Salvation Prophecy

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After hearing of and trying the demo, I knew I HAD to get this game. And after a complete playthrough, while far from perfect, this game did exceed my already high expectations.

By far the best feature of the game is increase in gameplay as the game progresses. Without giving away too many spoilers, the continous rise in rank of the player opens up new game mechanics that keep the game fresh and interesting, not to mention the way the overall story greatly effects how you play the game (particularly towards the end).

Combat itself is rather enjoyable, but can get repetitive after some time, although progression through ranks does allow for more vaired gameplay as the game progresses.

In terms of space and space combat, THIS is the ideal way to do it. Large, visually stunning space battles, amazing space backgrounds and itneresting and varied-looking planets. The explorable planets in other galaxies were especially fun to play and explore through and had a very (for the lack of a better word) alien feel to them, something which is ironically lacking in most sci-fi games.

The four factions themselves are quite interesting and unique, if only in appearance and background. While they have some slight variation in weapons and equipment, they all more or less fight the sameway, while I was expecting more vaired fighting styles for each faction. There are some unique aspects though, such as the Salvation's Reflection Shield and the Wyr's turret building.

The overall plot, while original, does feel a little simple at times. Iit does seem like it needs to be fleshed out a bit more, rather than just serving as the background to the gameplay. The story does seem too short and since that there is no option to continue once finished, that can be a problem. The game feels like there needs to be more in it; like the game has not realised its true potential.

Overall although, the game is great for what it is, even though it feels like there could be more. 9/10

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