Hi...ermmm.... nothing much to say. The person telling me to liven my bit (profile sorta thing) up, suggested i rant on and on since it's something, and i guess thas what i am sort of doing now. I am thinking of making a few maps with various games such as Half Life 2, Doom 3, and Unreal Tournament 3. I also want to learn a bit of C++. 3dBuzz, is giving me alot of help with that. I have many hobbies which include: Football (since i was about 1 years old - lol), Skating (sort of started a few months ago), Kickboxing (4 years now but i've joined a new club and it's 5 times a week for me!), Fingerboarding (i don't actually play with my little skateboars a lot anymore, but i enjoy making obstacles for them and selling them), Rugby (played or the school team and actually found tha i was quite a good rugby player), tennis (in the summer when i aint ot skating, or on the computer), and last but definitely not least....-"drum roll"-....GAMING. Yep, that's why i joined Moddb...i love games!


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