I've been interested in programming since I was young, and in playing since even before then. When I was 13 I started by writing scripts for the chat program mIRC; channel watchdogs, file sharing tools, server stat reporting, etc. I became a Dungeon Master for an IRC network's Multi-User-Dungeon game, which got me other DM gigs for MUD's while I learned Basic and VB in high-school. I also mapped for Total Annihilation and more-so for it's spin-off TA:Kingdoms. I also became a world champion player for team "hi-" in a Half-Life mod called Frontline Force. I took a year of software engineering in college where I honed my language skills (and learned some C), and started Beta Testing and doing media for Frontline Force. I took up mapping for Half-Life, and joined the Source version of Frontline Force's team as a mapper. That mod was never released, so I made that FLF map into a basic CS:S map. Later, I became a top 10 Supreme Commander 2 player, and now spend my time modding that game.

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While I was on the FLF:Classic (the Source Engine version of Frontline Force) team as a mapper, this (along with the other map I eventually ported to CounterStrike:Source, de_tenebrous) was my Work-In-Progress. Extimated: Layout 100%, brush work 85%, details/props 30%, textures 70%, displacement surfaces 20%, lighting/atmospherics 50%, optimization 50%, skybox 0%.

Unfortunately this mod never saw the light of day. Maybe Valve will announce Half-Life 3, or the successor to the Source Engine, and we will have a revival! Happy Thoughts!

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