Well here is the deal, I am dropping my projects with the source engine because I started planning those years ago with no structure to them at all. I am possibly dropping the name Basement Mod Productions because im less interested in doing "Mod work". I may have my BMP site up eventually with some independent small mods like maps or models or so but as for now, I am working on an in-depth design document to pitch for an indie title to be able to distribute. Information about this will not be going up on here for a long time so dont ask about it if you are not interested in possibly helping me out with some concept work or so.

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Well ive decided to just go ahead and start making these blogs more often.

my current life situation places me at home for the summer from school looking for a job at a time of a broken economy. tough luck i know. so what do i do in my free time? well i look for jobs... and i learn all that i can about modding and game design. a future goal of mine is to start to make a name for myself in the game design community and maybe even start up my own independent company down the road. so where do i start? well that was long ago when my father first taught me to build a computer at age 6. since then, i have been facinated with computers and how things work in them. my freshman year of high school led me to building my own high performance gaming rig and i started playing next-gen computer games. i decided that this was somthing that i wanted to do with my life. i started little by little learning the different aspects of game creation.

i remember the first day that i downloaded softimage XSI mod tool. i installed the program thinking "Yeah! im gonna learn how to 3D model!". when the program opened, i saw so many things that i didnt understand, the first button i hit was a little X button in the upper right hand corner of the window. then the program sat there for a good 3 months before i even attempted to model again.

getting started was a little overwhelming but little by little i chomped away at things. i like to think of myself as being pretty proficient in what i do with the source engine.

im not going to write much more here for now but in the next upcoming blogs, ill simply be going through how i learned how to do what i know how to do... may be an inspiration to those just starting if they ever see it.

well goodnight moddb.

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