Writer, artist and musician. Retired from the demoscene. Developing a Minecraft texture pack and writing game reviews.

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Tumbleberry and I have been very busy and we're pleased to finally release a version of the resource pack that fully supports Minecraft 1.12, and the result really is spectacular. The work that Tumbleberry has put into the designs is bar none her best so far, and top notch work. There's been some concern about Microsoft's commitment to what they're now calling the "Java Edition" of Minecraft.

Mostly that's been questioned by netizens, but apart from the trickle of content they manage to squeeze out on the Minecraft Marketplace (inventive much?) things are not so dire as they seem. The majority of Minecraft's playerbase is on PC because consoles just don't suit Minecraft's inherent flexibility and native control methods. Read: It's still a pain to play on touch screen or a controller.

I am cautiously optimistic: Microsoft cannot magically transform us into paying players, and that is a fact they cannot avoid. So far they haven't been able to craft a compelling reason to switch to the nicer looking MCPE. Minecraft was a poor man's Inifiminer, let's not forget, and it will always be. If the downloads I'm tracking are any indication, a majority of players shun anything after Minecraft 1.7, and Mojang knows that, thanks to built in phone home metrics.

In the mean time, Tumbleberry and I will not be joining the Marketplace, nor will we be charging for the ACME Resource Pack. That said, if you use it and would like to show your support, consider following us on Twitter at @hastypixels - Facebook at Facebook.com and Patreon at Patreon.com ... I'm always looking at ways of making it easier for us to deliver the pack to you guys in a more streamlined way with better tools.

It doesn't take much, and every little bit counts.

Version Demand

Version Demand

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