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Westeros: Age of Petty Kings

Mod review

This mod is almost perfect. If you want to feel the true Westeros, go ahead and play it.


Morrowind: House Wars

Mod review - 2 agree

This mod is pure Ormir charging back. What else can I say? It will keep you all busy until christmas and the release of TBE. Wait for it. It's going to be great.


Hispania 1200

Mod review - 4 agree

Well, well. I've been playing this mod for some days and I only can say HOLY SH*T, MAN! The setting is wonderful; the battles well made and inmersive; the formations clever and tasty; the voices JUST EPIC! (in fact, it could be that I had heard before the voice that gives the commands in battle?); the characters, companions, kings and claimants are SO WELL MADE AND ACCURATE!; the places are correctly placed and named in most of times (it's Ourense, mates. I'm galician and that hurted me a lot); the scenes are fantasticaly made by a devout hand; the sieges battles are from the best I have seen in M&B, allowing you to pass trought the gates by breaking them with your men is, well, beautiful; the castles scenes deserve an own mention. Just take a walk around and see the tons of work on it.
I could only play the v 1.0 and be content. But I want moreee. MOOOORE. This mod have the potential to be the perfect mod and be top 10 even after years with no posting. With Diplomacy, Freelancer and some homemade features it could be sold as a game of his own. So, when you end this lines, you should immediately download this mod if you haven't made it already. You won't regret it. Unless you are a ****.
If I could add a last thing to this review, is my thanks and enormous respect and gratitude to Xabeo and all his team by made this great project a reality (os habéis tomado vuestro tiempo, eh? Pero se aprecia mucho el cariño y la deducación puesta en cada pizca del mod. Y se agradece). Keep amazing us like this, team. You're awesome! Larga vida a los Caballeros de Calradia!


Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones (CK2:AGOT)

Mod review
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