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I know a lot of people feel me on this issue, so here it is, I lost the CD Keys to a lot of games, or I lost the CD its self to another game yet still have the key. In this case I have lost the CD keys to a number of games like I can't find my key for Dues EX: Invisible War, nor can I find the original copy of the I had for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. But the one that irks me the most is the fact that I lost both the CD Keys for and the CD's for my copies of Homeworld, and Homeworld 2, never did get Cataclysm.

So now we come the the glory that is things like Steam, and Blizzars Store, where both CD's and CD Keys are pretty much a thing of the past. I am glad that I did mange to get my Blizzard Keys registed with the store before I lost them, to bad Relic doesn't have a similar service, or i might be playing Homeworld instead of typing right?

So for any of you who read this, tell me what you think about having to hold on to CD keys inorder to be able to play your games. Do you like the whole "downloadible game option, or are you stuck on your CD's? do you servies like GameTap, Gamefly, and Steam to get your games worry free? or do you still go to the store to find and buy all your media?

Me I go to the store to shop, but almost never buy unless its for PS3 or 360. Hell right now I'm thinking of buying Nexus: The Jupiter Inicdent, and rebuying the Homeworld Series again, but this time I will get Cataclysm.

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