One crazy bastard, who loves most games, and loves to make new stuff for them if I can. Given enough time I will make an entire mod by my self, I just have to learn a few things along the way, well Best get started, now where to I begin?

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Summer Shool

HammerFalls Blog

So here it comes now to that time of year when most people are away on vacation or holiday, what ever floats your boat. But for me, tis not to be, I have more school to par take of and so this measn even more work to do, and yet to be done. Now i am using this time wisely to get the basics out of the way, and I'm not skimping of getting the good grades, at I least I hope I'm not. We shall see at the end of this summer how I did.

Updates, Updates, and more Updates.

HammerFalls Blog

So given the state of school for me right now, I'm haveing to slow way down on making stuff for TMUF, Oblivion, and otehr games. I'd post some pics of what i have been doing but its hard for me to find a scanner big enough to scan an 18" x 24" image. granted its only black and white, but if I take a pictuer it comes out looking like crap. So for now you'll just have to image my awesome abstarct stuff for my 2-d design class, and my badass stuff for my drawing class.

Just too damned Busy

HammerFalls Blog

So i know that I haven't updated this at all in months, sorry for any of you that read this dribble.
I have been way to busy with school, yes i am trying to become a better artist, and for that I have gone back to the basics.

So for now all projects of mine are on hold, lucky for me i finished with all requested work from me well before I started shool back in January. i also right now have great grades all around, but we'll see after i trun my protfolio into my Drawing class today, i think I have done really good, but i hope the teacher agrees.

Updates, glorious Updates.

HammerFalls Blog

Okay So I have Finished these cars:
Nissan Skyline R-34 GT "Slung Nutters Edition"
Nissan Skyline R-34 GT "Freddy's Back"
Nissan Skyline R-35 GT "Hatsune Miku Edtion"
Mazda RX-8 GT "Sonic The Hedge Hog Special"
Chevroelte Camero SS "Gunslinger Proof"
Acura Integra GT " Aqua Clean"
Chevrolete Chorvette "Hot Bitchy Girl"
Ford Falcon "Mad Max Medic"
Shelby Mustang Gt 500 "Pinstiped"
Shelby Mustang GT 500 "AZ D-Backs"
Nadeo Stadium Car "Arizona"
Custom made Clan car for KROSS CLAN.
Aston Martin DBR-9 "Gothic" & "Twisted"
Pouncer - "Green and Yellow Circles"

Cars I am still working on:
Ford Falcon "Mad Max Medic" - I am reworking the tires, and a few minor details, to make it even better.
Chevorlete Chorvette "Hot Bitchy Girl" - The original requester, asked for a few addtional things to be added to the car.
Porsche Carrera GT "Bill Nye Teh Science Guy" - I need to finish getting the over all car finished (a black and silver design, then I have to mkae the horn sounds, and work on the logos, like Bill's head
Ford Mustang 87 Fox Body - I'm still waiting for the model to be finished, before I can start to add, the real design touches to this.
Shelby Daytona - I'm still trying to come up with a great looking design, I have to make it Red and Green.
Mongonery Hawker "Tribal" - I'm working out a few kinks in the production process, this one could take a awhile to make.
Chevrolete Chorvette "Carpark" - I just have to hammer out the details of the stipes, and this is pretty much done.
Hunter Relaible Custom "POW" - a truck I have been working, as a tribute to those who haven't come home yet.
Wipeout Van Hubar "Pyro" - Still working on the stripes, think I might just restart the entire car all over again.

Other then a few pending requests, and any cars i have forgoten, that should be all of them , for now any ways.

TrackMania Car Skins

HammerFalls Blog

So lately I've been asked to make a lot of car skins for TrackMania Nations forever.
first on the list as an mazda RX-7 GT Tuning with a Sonic The HedgeHod theme to it. its almost done I just have a few errors to correct, this happens when your 3d program and youyr 2d program clash, if my current laptop could run both at the same time while I was editing that would be friggin epic, but I also need to find a beter program from witch to do my 3d work. However his also leads me to needing a better laptop in order to run said better programs.

The next car in the shoot was a Mini Cooper S with a TF2 Heavy theme, where the car has the phrase "Good Times!" writen all over it, also the requester wanted the horn the same the same thing. I'll post a pic of that later, but the car it done, and the owner could not be happier.

Next up was a "Rainbow Warrior" Themed Ford Focus Ralley car, with a Jeff gordon motif. the car in nearing compeltion, and looks friggin sweet. I just have to add the a few sponsor stickers, and make a few adjustments and viola.

Next is a "Gothic" themed Aston Martin DBR9, this car is beautiful, and the tribal look I gave it to mask the black coloring, makes the gothic theme realt shine, yea i know, how can i cross the Gothic with the tribal/ easy, you make the car almost black and the color a little dull, then add the tribal desingns that reseable celtic or gothic desings and make then black, and shiny and bingo after that just add a few Catholic symbols, and hylight in red and done. the finishesing touches will be made soon and using a new barbed wire brush i made.

The final car that i have in my currnt rotation to make is a Nissan Skyline GTr with the theme of Hatsuna Miku from some japaneese game wehere you make your own song or something like that. I have yet to start this car but I'm going to use some Final Fantasy Advent Children and MGS 2 brushes i have to make the car look extra sweet.

thats it for now tata.

Lost Keys to the Castle

HammerFalls Blog

I know a lot of people feel me on this issue, so here it is, I lost the CD Keys to a lot of games, or I lost the CD its self to another game yet still have the key. In this case I have lost the CD keys to a number of games like I can't find my key for Dues EX: Invisible War, nor can I find the original copy of the I had for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. But the one that irks me the most is the fact that I lost both the CD Keys for and the CD's for my copies of Homeworld, and Homeworld 2, never did get Cataclysm.

So now we come the the glory that is things like Steam, and Blizzars Store, where both CD's and CD Keys are pretty much a thing of the past. I am glad that I did mange to get my Blizzard Keys registed with the store before I lost them, to bad Relic doesn't have a similar service, or i might be playing Homeworld instead of typing right?

So for any of you who read this, tell me what you think about having to hold on to CD keys inorder to be able to play your games. Do you like the whole "downloadible game option, or are you stuck on your CD's? do you servies like GameTap, Gamefly, and Steam to get your games worry free? or do you still go to the store to find and buy all your media?

Me I go to the store to shop, but almost never buy unless its for PS3 or 360. Hell right now I'm thinking of buying Nexus: The Jupiter Inicdent, and rebuying the Homeworld Series again, but this time I will get Cataclysm.

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