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Link for donators of Titanium Wars Mod

GrOrc Blog 12 comments

Help To Keep Titanium Wars Mod Alive!

Do you wish to see all Warhammer 40000 races with all units in one DoW Mod? So much work was done and so much work awaits in future development! It is possible with your help.
This link was made at the request of those people who wanted to express their gratitude in a special manner. Click on the banner below if you really want to help the development of the Titanium Wars Mod. Donation is an expression of gratitude and goodwill. It is completely voluntary. If every TWM player would have donated at least 10$, then work on this Mod would be considerably facilitated and accelerated.

Click on banner to donate via PayPal (click here first and then second click on the same banner in my profile on Warforge). Or to donate via WebMoney: Z205634880727.

Great thanks for your real help! All of your money will be used only for our DoW-modding work really.

Great thanks to our donators:

1. Manny Sandoval (especially)
2. Robert Blake
3. SHADOWRanger
4. Sebastian Robinson
5. Daniele Onizzi
6. Federico Consumi
7. Torsten Meyer
8. Robert Phillips
9. Mike Heesakkers
10. Strawberry Lisa
11. Jesus Marco
12. Jacob Newman
13. Angel Augusto Marini
14. Jose Miguel Fernandez Archilla
15. Michael Hess
16. Laura Traveller
17. Matthew Jones
18. Wilford Salmond
19. Paolo Giaccone
20. Richard Dalziel
21. Stamatios Avlonitis
22. Alexander Aas Pedersen
23. Loïc Bourhis
24. Sebastian Schulz
25. Steven England
26. HG)Leman
27. Michael Meggs
28. Benjamin Frank Reinert
29. Forrest Gauthier
30. Nicholas Gordon
31. Daniel Pinstrup
32. Bruno Gallo
33. Thomas Shaw
34. Andrew Mill
35. Cameron Williams
36. Sinisa Kusan
37. Alexey Ivanov
38. Caolan Machail
39. Robert Lee
40. Kevin Chan
41. Darrin Hook
42. Anthony Gray
43. Matthew Williams
44. Josh Stacey
45. David Howell
46. Anthony Morris
47. Alejandro Legarda
48. Fredrick Heller

Note for our donators about current private status of TWM-SS. You are the true friend for the Titanium Wars Mod project. Therefore you have exclusive rights to use TWM-SS in private manner as it was declared in news section. If you made donation 10$ or more then contact with me by Email: grumbling.orc@gmail.com and then I'll send personal download link to you. After your donation you must contact with me from E-mail where you made a donation, otherwise you can not be recognized as true donator. In addition you must agree that you must not post private download link elsewhere publically. Of course, you may use the TWM-SS "private" version among all your friends.

Note: Private status for newest versions of TWM-SS is not my desire and it is not my decision. Up to TWM-SS ver.1.00.11 this Mod was absolutely free. However from TWM-SS ver.1.00.12, this Mod went into private status due unfriendly attitude of some modders and because some admins of some Inet-sites are supporting policy of indulgence in point of sham copyrights (see polemics about "Copyrightsers" against "Freemen"). Read about this here (click). Also read Titanium Wars FAQ item 4.8 (about private status). Do not ask about download here on ModDB. Just look on other resources mentioned in messages.

Note: PayPal take a commission. If you'll send 10$, the recipient will receive less ($9,26).

Another note: The list is ordered according to the total value of the your donations (on this moment). High amount higher than the low amount.

Another important note: You do not buy TWM -- you make a donation. TWM is free DoW-modding project as always and forever. This link was made at the request of those people who wanted to express their gratitude in a special manner. Great thanks to all TWM-donators! They are very kind people.

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