I'm obsessive about modding FFVII PC. Most assuredly I spend and have spent as much if not more time than any other person. I currently work full time and have a family, but every spare second is spent modding FFVII PC. Luckily I've mastered all the tools needed, so what takes others weeks I can get done in a few short hours.

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FFVII PC Project update

grimmy307 Blog 2 comments

Just a few quick words on the status of this project to let you know that it is still going to be happening. I have finished importing both Tifa's and Yuffie's new models. Yuffie is battle and field models while Tifa is those plus World Map and Chocobo mini game models. Here are screens of those two.

For FFVII Modders interested in playing with these before the installer is out here are the files.
Zack is finished being imported to FFVII PC, but I still need to resize/reposition him some more before he is finished. I would've been finished with him and more, but I got distracted while searching the nets under belly for custom meshes and textures of FFVII characters. A long search that yielded very fruitful results. So before that I was going to be short a few main characters, but not now. Here is a quick list of custom models that will be included in the installer. To make the cut the models had to be at least ps2 generation quality or above. Vincent, Red XIII, Cid, Cait Sith, Aerith, Reno, Rude, Elena, Rufus, Tseng, Reeve, Turk Vincent, Godo, Young Tifa, Chocobo, Sephiroth, Shinra MPs, Grunts, Soldiers, all Vehicles, some items, and dress variations of characters. All that on top of the completed PRP will make for a nicely enhanced experience. So that's it for now. Hopefully I can get a hand from one of my amigos to finish this project in the next few months. Otherwise look for a late summer release of the model installer.

A side project I'm brewing up is a Cross over from Level up. Yep I'm importing the Avatars of the guys from Conqueror of All Worlds into FFVII PC. I'm replacing Barret with Black Death, Cloud with Sir Bickle, and Aerith with Wizza. Not custom Content so It'll only live as a Youtube video, but fun none the less.

FFVII PC Mod Progress

grimmy307 Blog

Well it's time to check in with my progress on this mod. I've finished converting UT3 cloud to FFVII PC with a hair swap to avoid any copyrighted textures. Here is a screen shot of his battle model.

His battle model uses a combination of Mike's Buster and Ultima weapons, Kula's Ragnarok and the rest are Millenia's Swords. The Field and World Map Models both use the same Buster Sword on his back. So far I have ported him to most of the field models except ones that require another model to also be finished. Namely the Soldier model and the Cloud in dress model. I will of course be finish those models and including them in the installer as well as this Cloud model in the bike and chocobo mini games. This model is mostly a texture swap for Zack also, so that field model is as good as finished. After those I will be resurrecting a few models I have already finished, JKA Tifa and Yuffie. They both need heads swaps at the moment since mine currently have KH heads. After restoring their JKA heads the will be good to go. Like I said I will be releasing an installer to do all the hard work for you when the project is complete, but if you already know how to mod FFVII PC and want to see this model here is a source pack for this new Cloud.


You can get tech support on installing those files on your own over at qhimm forums, so please don't ask here. If you happen to be an experienced FFVII PC modder and would like to help on this project shoot me a pm.

FFVII PC Modding

grimmy307 Blog 1 comment

I've been modding FFVII PC for around five years now, and I decided to bring my projects here since there is little FFVII PC around these parts. Of course Qhimm forums is the main FFVII PC forum and I plan on staying active there, but I wish to expand past it's borders. It's hard to describe my involvement with FFVII PC modding other than to say I've touched most active projects etc. I've recently decided to start a model replacement project that Will bring joy to the masses as well as being totally free to download and share without stepping on any legal toes. So look for updates to this blog to see which characters are being replaced and from where. I will only be using user generated custom models that are independent of copyrighted textures etc. When I feel all these resources have been exhausted I will release an installer to rebuild your game files into an enhanced experience. This project will leave no model untouched and every possible model will be a textured model of quality. So here is my first stop on the custom model train. UT3 Cloud and Zack.

I've gotta give him a hair cut since that's disidia Clouds hair. I've found some good custom replacements, so it's just a matter of picking one and getting him into actual ffvii pc form. He'll of course get only the best in weaponry. You might ask why not use APZ Cloud, but that also uses disidia textures for the head and apz has requested it not be shared any further. As a member of Team Avalanche I do have their 100% custom Cloud, but have been forbidden to share it with others. That's what brings me here, so that's it.

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