BloodRayne was the creator behind Hexen:Edge of Chaos. He has been working privately on Grimm. Which is a venture into a game that let's go of regular FPS conventions and hack and slash conventions while it dips into platform type gameplay combined with weaponry that is only limited by the skill and timing of the player. Grimm aims to be a hardcore game for experienced players.

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Old news:
Last things! Added some batch files for easy configuration of the graphics options.
Been tweaking things here and there and am about to decide to keep the DarkWarrior enemies out of this release as I am simply unhappy with just about everything about them except for the model. Luckily there's only about 6 of those guys in the entire release so it's an easy last minute fix.

I'm taking a bit of a gamble in terms of the freshly added blood and gore.
I'm not sure how performance on lower end systems might end up so I have a quick patch ready to release if anything goes sour on that end that tones down the blood effects at the expense of visual quality. I'm not counting on any complaints in that regards but it's nice to be prepared and have a quick fix ready.

I also just edited the tutorials a bit and am in the first steps of re-creating them in the form of small video-tutorials and example walkthrough videos explaining some of the more advanced fighting and platforming techniques that you can use in Grimm.

Other than that I'm about to invest a nightly 6 hour session running through the game in all three difficulty modes as a final test so I have a small to-do list in the morning. Then it's time to package things up, finish writing up the readme file and twiddle thumbs while waiting for the release to go live.

So I'm off!

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