Hi my name is A███ ████████sson and I'm a f█n of West███s' C█C and latter EA® games™ Command @ Conquer™ Series, especially Generals™ and Red Alert™ However my favorite ████ of all time is Relics'® Company of Heroes™ published by THQ® along with World in Conflict™ by Swedish Massive Enterteinment®

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Mod review - 2 agree

More game modes is one of the things WiC needed, this mod is awesome.


C&C: Generals Zero Hour

Game review - 8 agree - 1 disagree

Red Alert visits real lifes Iraq 2003. That's pretty much my first impression of the game, and the one that lasted.

The unofficial expension pack of my favorite game series.


Age of Empires III

Game review

DarthMod Empire

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

"This mod is how empire total war should be in the first place"

Very strong words, comeing from mod developers, especially since Empire is such a good game to begin with, though it had some flaws, but surprise! This mod fixes them!

However, the for me far best part was not those things but the improved atmoshpere thank for the added grittines: Fog of war (not in gamers vocabulary but the actual real thing), fantastic sound, and beatiful effects. Balance may be a bit of because of the added reality (those Cherokees have NO chance against the wall of lead from line infantry) :p


C&C3: The Chuck Norris Experience

Mod review - 1 agree - 7 disagree

It's the far most realistic C&C ever, no doubt.


No Hope

Mod review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

The Nukes are awesome -especially on highest settings

The VTOL aircraft also pretty awesome, dogfighting with them is funny as hell.

Overall just needs balancing.


C&C: Red Alert 2

Game review

World in Conflict

Game review

Red Alert 3 Paradox

Mod review - 22 agree - 5 disagree

One of the best things with Paradox is the extraordinary realationship between the followers and the devs, the devs give you an insight in each step of the developement. Heck, they even a suggestion page, (with actually alot accepted suggestions, though not in percentage). And ofcourse, gotta love the old C&C Nostalgia mixed with total new stuff.

The mod itself have a large potential, though the final release is far far away in time and space, they have done alot to. The gameplay and units are interesting, directional armour and the future infantry cover system being somehting I really looking forward to. Though the balance of certain units are really off, makeing competetive gameplay a horrible experience.

But most importantly, the conscript charges are more awesome then ever!


Blitzkrieg Mod

Mod review
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