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Glenster's VC and SA walk-throughs and GTJ Brooklyn

glenster Blog

My web site is:

It features two GTA walk-throughs and an evidential expose of the methods used to affect exclusiveness by the Governing Body of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

"Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City"

"Glenster's Glimpse into San Andreas"

"Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn"

The Jehovah's Witnesses leaders have all claimed to be the only spokesmen of a literal 144,000 most righteous Christians of all history, and that the best evidence and reasoning shows that the dozen or so rules meant to affect their exclusiveness at any one time have the strongest case for what was originally intended.

Catch 22: that doesn't happen or those rules wouldn't be so exclusive, so other methods are used....

Basically, they play prophet by claiming to guarantee things beyond, or in spite of, what the evidence would normally allow someone to guarantee, whether they claim to be prophets or predict anything at the time or not.

Likewise, Peter Popoff played prophet in the 1980's by claiming to get special messages from Jesus about the names and sicknesses of the members of his flock when he was actually getting radio transmissions to his earpiece from his wife, who, as James Randi proved, was backstage reading from prayer cards the flock filled out before the show.

I'm particularly concerned if their pretension causes anyone to be hurt (the JWs leaders' exclusively strict rules for disfellowshipping, including for all their distinctive rules, causing division of the followers from each other or others, even loved ones) or killed (the JWs leaders' expanded custom definitions for worldliness or idolatry causing followers to run into intolerant political leaders in Germany, Malawi, etc., or the JWs leaders' custom definitions for verses about blood causing followers to refuse the medical use of blood or major blood fractions for themself or their child).

Popoff's radio transmitter = JWs leaders using quotes out of context from research books, omission of pertinent evidence, misrepresenting their own bad track record or what others say, etc.

Popoff telling followers to throw away their insulin and nitroglycerin = JWs leaders telling followers to refuse the medical use of blood for themself or their child, or to obey the JWs leaders' special rules about worldliness or idolatry unto pain of death despite persecution from an intolerant political leader, etc.

Same ethics.

My article isn't concerned about the readers' sincere religious or non-religious outlook. I'm looking for common ground--if you don't like lying that could cause anyone to be hurt or killed, and want the evidence and not just editorial, check it out.

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