I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. The audio from the games of my youth is what inspired me down the path of a composer & sound designer; as a result it has always been my passion to bring video games to life through their sounds. The music in games such as Final Fantasy VII, Mechwarrior 3 and Front Mission 3 have always captivated me along with the incredible sound design in titles such as Fallout 3 & the Armored Core series. The concept of audio subtlely immersing a player into an environment, providing those with the narrative and context to truly enjoy an experience is one that still gets me incredibly motivated every time I acknowledge it. As a strongly driven individual I strive to bring a high standard of enthusiasm and creative thinking to any task at hand. I believe that my skills in both sound design and music composition provide me with a unique opportunity for creating the most consistent & tailored sound experience possible by producing in parallel.

Life Pulse (MDMD Track)

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I handed this track up for study by another composer so I'll post the description I used here:

The idea behind the piece is the heart beat of a person who suffers from irregular heart beats. I tried to convey through the music the idea of trying to structure something that is essentially unstructured and carry on in a very straight way like the essentially 4/4 heartbeats of most people.

Although the bars consist of 7/8, 3/8 etc they do all fit into a larger scale of a somewhat familar 4/4 structure if pushed into it, although their is certain bars that throw this off. This tries to show a person living their life in a normal manner but every now and then their rhythm eventually gets throw out of sync with everyone else before trying to jump back into rhythm.

The keychange is when the person finds a medical solution, this medical solution is shown in the form of the cowbell which persues a steady crotchet beat from it's introduction to finish, even though the times when it is not so straight forward.

The sax symbolises the person finally reaching the point of completion with the cowbell and sax pulling it all together and, although still rhymically complex, making the person's own rhythm work.

Ps: The piece may seem to have no dynamics when looking at the sheet music but upon listening you should hear the dynamics in place. This is due to the fact that I try to change the dynamics of every individual note in my daw to get a more human feel to the sounds. The sheet music is just the skeleton notes really. Also please excuse the sloppiness of some parts of the sheet music [ie the excessive ledger lines at parts] but I wrote this in my usual fashion of aiming for a finished produce.

Also note that the piece was wrote to loop well to allow a background music of sorts.

-Seán Óg Gilleece.

Anyhow, that's the end of the notes. It was wrote for the mod specifically but those notes were tailored for the purpose of study!

As always, All C&C is apprectaied!