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Report RSS RA2YR: Basic Starting Tutorial - Deploying the MCV

This video is good for showing a new player how to play RA2YR.

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This is a Tutorial Video
C&C RA2YR for Dummies

Please Read here:
Select the MCV by Left clicking on it
Left Click on it again to Deploy it
Right Click to deselect the MCV
- NOTE: The MCV has now turned into the Construction Yard
From the Construction Yard you may build Structures
Build the Power Plant by Left Clicking on the Power Plant Icon in the menu as shown
Note it will take time to build
once it says READY on the icon, Left Click on the icon and move your mouse onto the screen
If all of the squares are Green, it means it can be placed there
If there is even one Red Square, it means it is unable to be placed there
Left Click on the space once it shows all Green squares
Do the same for the Barracks
You will note that once you place the barracks down, a new tab will appear on the right side menu
it shows as a MAN Icon, this is your infantry TAB
Click on the G.I. Icon to train G.I. troops
You may select one by Left Clicking on him
You may also form a box around him to select him and perhaps some of his friends
You can do this by hold the Left Mouse Button and gently dragging it over the screen to form a box around the troops
- NOTE: All units inside of this box that belong to you will be selected
- ADVANCED TIP: You may use the SHIFT Key to select the troops you want, do this by holding the SHIFT Key while using the Left Mouse Button to select troops
Once your units are selected, use the Left Mouse Button to order them to go to a location of your choice
- NOTE: if there is not a path for them to go to the location, they will go to the nearest location to that of one you ordered them to go to

That is MCV deployment and Basic Troop Control

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