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Hello world, I have a proposition...

The following is not specifically about Tiberium Secrets.

Anyways, was recently thinking of creating a gaming union/ association, where gamers and particularly game designers from artists to coders to writers, etc.from any and all gaming communities would gather and discuss their work in a volp mediated environment which fosters creativity.

This organization would have the goal of improving the standards of gaming, helping people to hone their skills, informing the community, and potentially expand to educational purposes.

The infrastructure is currently being discussed by Team speak Devs which I've suggested to them an idea for Bridge channels, which allows multiple servers to connect in a singular channel. this will make this more feasible. (All of that is contingent on them, and still TBD)

Hopefully soon the foundations will be in place and the Game design union can get organized,

Please contact me if your interested here or on Skype, (have the same name) so we can talk and work out the logistics.

The primary requirement are:
1. have a skill related to design/ organization on any level
2. be interested in learning and being creative
3. able and interested in communication, team work, and collaboration across clans/ teams/ organizations/ communities etc.

Right now I'm still testing the waters, to see who is interested, I expect ripples.
Initial responses have been positive so far. And hopefully this will translate to support when it's needed.

This organization will respect freedom and autonomy, and will render merges unnecessary.

Hope you guys will join me in channeling the gaming community in one vision and one purpose.


Sounds supportable, possessing much potential.

One idea is collaboration voice conferences. Developers and active community members could bounce ideas off each other and work on in game content or address issues they are facing for others in the association to help with in real time. The association's website could organize such discussions.

Just a thought, who knows where it might go.

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