I'm mostly a programmer, but can find my way around Photoshop relatively well. I'm proficient in Java and good at C#. I'm also interested in web design. I know HTML and CSS. I'm always interested in helping designers out and would love to talk to any fellow gamers and programmers.

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Pixel Art Alter Ego

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Pixel Art Alter Ego
Pixel Art Alter Ego

My artist made me some super snazzy pixel art avatars and I will now be systematically replacing every profile picture, on every account I own, to one of these sexy sprites.

Alliteration is good; some super snazzy sexy sprites.

Gandorf the dwarf

garrettcolas Blog

Hey internet people, meet Gandorf. He would love to know what you think of his dashingly good looks. What do you think?

Group created for a great new Indie development team

garrettcolas Blog

I'm happy to use this site for my indie projects and this is a great place to start. The teams name is French Rice Games and will soon be bringing you 2D Java goodness. This is my first try at making a professional and truly unique game. Before now I've only worked on dinky space shooters and single level plat-formers. This new project will be completely different, with randomly generated levels and interesting AI for the creatures, it should provide a visceral unique experience.

I'll post some mock-ups and other goodies once we make the project its own page. For now we just have a group for our team.

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