Working on some characters.... practice projects in UDK if you want an amateur character designer I could use the practice >> if you want help or have suggestions let me know! >> zbrush >> 3ds >> UDK

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totally psyched about deus ex human revolution nothing short of phenomenal.

i finished the basics of my character today and intend to start rigging for UDK....
I already fixed the topology but the poly count is slightly high,
as far as topology goes theirs zbrush itself topogun and 3dcoat that i have tried out.

- topogun couldn't handle the high res mesh but decontamination manager fixed that.... still though there Beta... as betas tend to crashed all the time the interface i did enjoy though but found it to frustrating that i couldn't use the high poly model.

- 3dcoat i found to be great the auto re-topology was good but not quite better then zbrushes sub division levels and re-mesh capability's...

-zbrush re-topology tool the best it was a little more time consuming but in the end it allowed me to be more methodical and get what i wanted.

well its rigging time
... o dear this may take a while.

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