hi! i'm a gamer! my favorite game is s.t.a.l.k.e.r!(fallowing the serie to the end) new in the mod! i love who love games....

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ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead

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ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead is the first expansion pack ArmA II. This time, the place of such conflict armed combat simulation on PC Takistan will take place at a fictional country where the enemies are real. 2 new play areas were added, the first inspired by the Asian steppes stretches 160km ² and a second display 70km ² urban streets and buildings of all kinds. New weapons and vehicles are also unprecedented program of this extension.

stalker clear sky

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You do not lose time at GSC to extend the world of STALKER. Announced at E3, Clear Sky is unveiled at Leipzig in the intimacy of a small meeting room in a prefabricated, separate booths from publishers who have not signed the distribution of the game

Clear Sky is nothing but a "prequel" to STALKER, a title taking place one year before the events recounted by Shadow of Chernobyl where a mercenary faces Strelock in the area this time divided into fourteen levels, including five are unpublished, the others being variants of certain environments already seen in the original game. If SAG chose to go back in time instead of offering a simple sequence is for the simple reason that many questions remained unanswered, why and how the hero he landed on the back of amnesia ' a truck for example.
An illustration of volumetric lights of Clear Sky.
If far Clear Sky looks a lot like his big brother, the purpose and conduct of the game are quite different, however. Today, eight factions fighting for control of the area, and you will have to contend with the beautiful world, to remain faithful betray evolve within a group, taking part in the gradual conquest of checkpoints. For example, in the presentation of Leipzig, the heroes took part in the storming of a guard tower at the hands of an opposing faction, which must then be taken to ensure control. That is how we gradually nibbles ground on the competition, the way some online shooters, Quake Wars is the next headline on this approach. The checkpoints will be of various kinds and their dominance will bring many benefits to their owners, some are strategic points and are important passages, others are sources of raw materials, finally provide the latest equipment, weapons or advanced

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