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Blitzkrieg Mod

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Blitzkrieg mods balances out the playing field for players by doing away with Wehr's purchase-able vet. No longer do Allied players have to split hairs when they lose their vet units while the Axis players simply makes a fresh unit with all of the vets coming with it. Those who faced the might of the British blobs no longer need to worry as infantry became much more vulnerable to small arms fire.

Infantry are now more vulnerable in the open, they will get shot more easily and suppressed far quicker than VCOH (so a single MG can stop a Brit blob). Because of this Cover makers becomes even more important and become a life savior as well as a game changer in combat.

Armor combat has also been changed drastically as well, tanks have the ability to 1 shot each other and tank damages are much more frequent (damaged engine, destroyed turret, etc.) because of this players now have to be smart of their positioning and armor facing.

Even the mighty Panther and the Tiger tank can now be destroyed with a single shot or two with simple maneuvering and hitting its flanks and backside with a simple Sherman. Something so simple as the Bazooka and the Panzershrek/Panzerfaust has the ability to disable or even one hit kill armor.

This mod balances gameplay greatly and places emphasis on unit preservation, cover usage and tank facing and flanking. Units are fragile if played wrong or exposed in the open, but also can make all the difference with a simple technique of armor facing and using cover. This rule applies to ALL factions, so watch out VCOH Wehr players, you can't just churn out Vet 3. Stugs anymore.

If you want to play a balanced and more challenging COH, this mod is for you. Remember Panthers and Tigers are scary up front. Not so much from behind and sides. :D

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