WTF? I'm here now? First I invade Youtube, then Deviantart, and now here? Now, I think this is a good place for me to be, as I am planning a mod of my own. A WarCraft 3 mod, btw.

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Faction concept, lol for RA3.

FiremariomkiZX Blog

I love concepts in Red Alert 3. Especially when coming with new factions. However, some are out there that seem mediocre. Fortunatley, I can't rant about Paradox because Paradox is just win. However, there are common things that don't really go well in RA3. For example, Yuri. Many people try giving it a combination of Soviet build style and Allied Tiers. Not worth it. The faction needs CNC nostalgia, such as... giving him Allied build style and Soviet Tier style.

Hence forth come my ideas for a few factions.

Faction One: Epsilon
Inspiration: Isn't it obvious?
Color: Violet
Playstyle: Mental Omega, but more mind control and more psychic power.
Strength: Elite infantry, taking units that do not belong to them.
Weakness: Extrodinarily weak vehicle armour, pathetic anti-infantry without getting expensive and low-armoured

Faction Two: Adeptes Astartes
Inspiration: Pre-Heresy Space Marines
Color: Imperial Yellow (Yay for Imperial Fists)
Playstyle: Surgical Strikes
Strength: Each unit is equal to 3-5 other units, fast build time
Weakness: Too expensive, complicated tier system.

Faction Three: Black Ops 9
Inspiration: GDI of Tiberium Sun and Allies of Red Alert 2.
Color: Gold
Playstyle: Walker-combat
Strengths: More mobile units, nostalgia
Weakness: Slow, lack of airforce

Faction Four: Adeptes Astartes
Inspiration: Once again, Marines, but after heresy.
Color: Ultramarine
Playstyle: Defeating the enemy before they realize the war has begun.
Strengths: All units are equal to 3-5 units of the enemy, always on the move
Weakness: Too expensive, Complicated tier system AND build system. Even worse, too slow to replace.

Faction Five: FutureTech
Inspiration: Red Alert 3 Uprising, Red Alert 3 Allies.
Color: Light Grey
Playstyle: Outlandish Units, and uber units/
Strength: Great economy, Almost unstoppable army!
Weakness: Requires too many T.S. Protocols, Very expensive.

Warcraft Alert III

FiremariomkiZX Blog

Well, what do you know. I did decide to release things about my mod!
Can you still guess what unit I was hinting at?
All will be revealed... in the beta...
And what the heck is the Naga involved with?
Good luck finding out and remember, as Weegee says, Don't take Candy from Boozuh!


ZX's Journal

FiremariomkiZX Blog

OK, listen, guys.


My WarCraft III mod is in development, and for now, I am not releasing anything.

However, I am giving a hint of a new unit... the most bad ass tank of Command and Conquer.

Also, don't ask for Firemario(m)kis Chronicles. I lost the link over 9000 years ago.

I may or may not make a new SMW hack, but only time will tell. Currently, I am not thinking of making a SMW hack, so do not ask.

MKF Levels? I MAY post em, but like SMW hacking, only time will tell.

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