Fall of Angels is a JRPG currently available for iOS. An updated and expanded port is being developed for PC; a demo is available for download from our website. With Fall of Angels we wanted to blend a story driven adventure with puzzles and exploration, so we have filled the game with tools to use, first-person interactive puzzles, abilities to learn, and multiple game modes.

RSS 5th Jan: Kickstarter Campaign

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Fall of Angels is an adventure RPG that our small indie team has been slaving over for two years now. Today the 'Fall of Angels' team embarked on an adventure of our own: Kickstarter.

We've had some fantastic success with the iPhone version of Fall of Angels, and following on from that we have started a re-imagined version on PC and Xbox 360 (XBLIG). The problem we have is funding, and after several recommendations from fans we have set up a Kickstarter campaign to hopefully generate the necessary funds to make this the epic adventure that it deserves to be!

... but wow it's scary.

I'm not a businessman, far from it. I can code, I can design, I graft as hard as anyone I know. I have the heart and determination to bring this game to life. Promoting our game- and myself- is something that scares the bejezus out of me though. I'm not comfortable being in a limelight at all, let alone trying to actually get the attention of the limelight. I sent out a tweet earlier about the campaign, and I was wiping my brow like I was diffusing a bomb and managed it with only seconds to spare.

But, I have 30 days to convince the world to help make this dream happen. I believe in this project, and I believe in this campaign that could change my life. If making it happen means hurtling out of my comfort zone like I've been shot from a circus cannon, then it's worth it.

So with that said...

...please check out my Kickstarter campaign... Fall of Angels Kickstarter Campaign

...thanks, y-you too...


Good luck! Personal emails to every friend, acquaintance, and family member, plus non-spammy use of all social networks possible is a good basic approach, I think. (I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last year)

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FallOfAngels Author

Thanks for the advice and well wishes! I'm starting to get into the swing of it, hopefully it can pick up some momentum now. I've just been checking out Cafe Murder, it looks awesome!

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Thanks! Our website sucks right now, but here is the trailer I made for IGF recently (which needs to be on our site, lol): Vimeo.com

Good luck with Kickstarter!

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