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Exist0 @ Age of Chivalry

i got bored of it, i think the classes are imbalanced.

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Exist0 @ Age Of Chivalry ragdolls addon for Garry's Mod

huh i didnt need it but i stil got it working in gmod

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Exist0 @ Battle Grounds 2 and 3

A review of Bg2

A couple of year ago in the time many mods were being released for half life there was a mod called Battlegrounds a mod that takes place during the revolutionary war between the Royal British Army and the Colonial
United States Continental where there were vast armies of men armed with muskets and bayonets. From this mod came a sequel for the new and improved engine used in half life 2.
This sequel named Battlegrounds 2 was much like its predecessor it also evolved around the ongoing war between red and blue.

The main feature of Bg2 is the way combat is being handled, it try’s to be authentic but still fun to play with inaccurate muskets that always makes It exiting to fire and hoping that your rounds hits the target.
You can only fire one round at the time and reloading takes long compared to other shooters so you have to make your rounds count and hope for the best, luckily there is a second combat style.

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Exist0 @ Battle Grounds 2 and 3

On close quarter maps the player just doesn’t have the space to run away and reload and that’s where your 2nd attack comes in, the bayonet. The bayonet is as simple as it can be, you have a sharp blade on the tip of your rifle and you have to poke the enemy with it. However don’t be fooled although it sounds easy a stab to your head can result in an instant dead.

The melee option in this game really changes the way how the game is being played and how a battle can progress, you can sit behind cover taking time to reload and fire or you can push trough with your fellow team members and have a bayonet fight to the dead.

The latest development of this mod was released on 28 October 2008, although it only has a small development team and progress is going slow, the community that pushes this mod has never slacked and always stayed with Bg2 sometimes leaving trying other games but almost always coming back with new ideas and a fresh insights on this mod.

Bg2 is far from done although it’s already very playable and fun ,it is still missing the polishing that some other mods have, for example the animations of the characters still need some work and also the level design and the game modes can still be expanded and improved. Currently there are three game modes, last man standing, capture the flag and line battle. This last feature was introduced by the community and isn’t officially supported but has proven to be popular amongst the players.

In a Line battle both side’s play according to the rules of conduct they had for the battlefield during the revolutionary war, this means that the two teams move and fire at each other in a line with the commander leading and using tactics to flank and outmaneuver the enemy this can be hectic on a 64 slot server with volley’s of steel balls flying towards your head, smoke obscuring your sight and all out charges.

Overall the game is balanced, fun to play but hard to master and has a strong community dedicated to it.

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