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Why JavaScript will be king of Indie Games Development [Part 3 of 3]


So we can see the rise of Open Source and JavaScript as a community friendly in-hostile takeover. Yet there is more. The Manufacture-centered Web-Of-Things will be surpassed by a Web-Of-Everyone and they will all speak code fluently, if not dynamically by the time they leave primary school. The UK has already begun teaching children code from the age of five and up. And child-code websites like Scratch are paving the way. This trend is almost certain to go global. Developing countries are also advancing China and India are heading for pole-position. Poor nations are seeing an influx of seed capital from Joe Soaps international reach and we all know big manufacturers are ditching wealthy countries. As the money flows there wealth will bring education and more connectivity - but the evolution point for child-code here is free open-source. And JavaScript is the natural choice.

Back in developer land Mozilla in the guise of Khronus Working Group have been hard at work this last decade absorbing OpenGL and it is paying off. WebGL2 Specification [WIP] has been given to the public and a first-look video showcased (see links below) shows its got more metal. WebGL2 (and even X3D) can sit alongside JavaScript if game designers are mindful about exposure concerns.

In overview the whole trend becomes obvious. Definitely Open-Source and strong partiality to have at least some JavaScript jammed in somewhere. We see the web programmers merging with the game design community. We see Unity, OpenGL and X3D as having workable hybrid capacity to meet and greet coders from different disciplines. We see them being high-end tools in the production of high-end web-centered delivery We see JSON porting everything towards a common middle ground. We see lightning speed JavaScript servers working 20-40 times their previous speed, AJAX shunting the net load and every home users web browser in compliance with JavaScript. We see Tomorrows Children stepping up with web design before they evolve into fluent programmers. We see the poorest of our planet creating trickle funds and perhaps millions, as they are driven by their need to carry themselves into a brighter future.


JavaScript is about to bind everyone together in a vast, creative lingo of everything, a prize for everyone that is marked FREE because it is free. In a time when other tools leave our planet tethered between the brink of annihilation and the endless promise of space, an intelligent solution comes in the form of a single lingo for the creative to transport and transform itself.

The Indie Communities of code, music, artistry, audio and sensory delivery for the impaired will be at the center of it all, The Four Workhorses of an Anti-Apocalypse - The Wizards Of WOW, the Wizards of Wisdom. And when your children's children ask what you did when they were young they will reply: WE SAVED IT - Our parents showed us how, they made games and the earthlings played them. And the child will ask WHAT ARE EARTHLINGS? And they will reply: THE STUFF WE ARE MADE OF - THEY LIVED LONG AGO ON A SPEC OF DUST. THEY ARE A THING OF LEGEND FROM A PALE BLUE DOT.

Dedicated to Carl Sagan, Tim Berners-Lee and a promising future where we dream-in-code and live in dream.


Ether: A catalytic agent present in the making of stardust.

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