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Mod DB incited me to start ranting about mods, but such a thing shouldn't be the subject of my first blog, shall it?

This will be a short blog; at least I'm planning to make it short. Why don't we go through the basics? I'll punish you for clicking on my profile, and the punishment will be the most ruthless of them all: I'll talk about me.

Yes, I'm English. Yes, I'm a human. Yes, I like mods. Yes, Half Life is the best video game series ever created. Yes, the moon is made of cheese, and yes, the blue color destroys the red one.

As you can see I am not an interesting human being, you might as well just ignore this blog and proceed with your life. Or you just might send me a private message: I love private things.

Now, why would blogs be interesting? At least, personal blogs like this one. I'll give you three reasons: You are either a stalker, a bored-to-death human being that clicks random profiles to laugh at them or you are deeply in love with me. If that's the case, you know what to do: send me a PM.

I like poetry. I like to write in white, while actually meaning black.

I don't expect to write many blogs about me. I've yet to meet a more uninteresting human being than me. I also just wrote this for the sake of achieving a milestone in Mod DB, I mean: I've been on this site for over a year, the least I could do is write a blog, right?

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