Part of the Blankbull team - new gaming company in the making - currently creating our first mobile game. A team of three, we are new to the game releasing world and are asking for your support in anyway, be it funding, comments or just spreading the word, anything will be of help.
In the process of releasing our first game and enjoying the learning and journey no end.

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Hi everyone!

We have a brand new game out called Traitor!

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you and the remaining players need to work together to survive.

Although all is not what it seems... there is a traitor amongst you.

This traitor is doing their best to stop you and the other players reaching your goals, all while trying to not get caught.

Can you catch them? Can you stop the traitor before they stop you?

This game is amazingly challenging, has lots of levels and can be played in different ways.

Play as the wanderer - work as a team with the other AI players to complete missions and your our personal mission, complete this first to win and don't let the traitor stop you.

You can also focus on your personal mission and catching the traitor and win the level this way.

Play as the traitor - you have seen how the AI plays, think you can do better?

By catching a traitor you unlock a traitor character to play and can have a go yourself.

Work on your own personal mission, get moral down to zero for the rest of the players, but most importantly, don't get caught and win!

Play skirmish - fancy a quick start game?

Give this a go where anyone can be the traitor and the traitor can be any unlocked or locked character, so the difficulty will vary.

You have been warned!

Each character that gets unlocked, whether it is a wanderer or a traitor, has special abilities to vary the game play and help you win the levels.

This game really draws you in and you cannot help but try and work out who the traitor is.

Think you are up for the challenge?

Find the game for FREE over this festive period on all the app stores:

Apple: apple store icon

Windows: windows store icon

Google Play: google play for android

Have any queries?

Then feel free to direct message me or email me on:

Check out our:




Get downloading and give us a rating while this amazing game is FREE!!

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Blankbull Games

Blankbull Games

1 member Developer & Publisher

This is our small games company consisting of three of us working on creating games that we enjoy and hope you all love.

EmS667 Creator

As of this morning Clicky Cats is now available on the Android!!

Find it by searching on Google Play for 'Clicky Cats' or follow this link: and get downloading!

Have you forgotten already? It's FREE!!

Quick and easy to download and you are just two clicks away from playing!

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EmS667 Creator

Clicky Cats is now available for download on the Windows Store and App Store! Search for 'Clicky Cats' on both, download, play - did I not mention, it's free!! See the blog entry 'Clicky Cats Is Released! UPDATED!' for direct links to the game.

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EmS667 Creator

Clicky Cats is the first of our many creations and we cannot wait to share the game with you.
Please help us complete the game by showing us your support on our Kickstarter page - either visit our site or google 'Clicky Cats' to find it.
Thank you.

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