I am at studying at university of Calgary taking Engineering. don't really have much time for gaming anymore but I enjoy RTS and FPS. Fan of the Battlefield franchise and Starcraft.

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Since my other blog froze my computer for a few seconds every time I went on moddb am just editing this one for that and I don't have anything cool to say. At this point you show probably stop reading it but you are welcome to continue if you don't have anything better to do.

I have been testing out OC my laptop for better performance playing BBC2 but I think I will wait for winter before I go too far. It is about 35 out here and that does not help my fan to cool it off =(. Since it is that hot I should be out doors but no I was born a computer geek. Which brings up the debate on predestination and fate but I am not going to get into those or share my views on the matter( after reading this I deemed it not funny but it was supposed to be a joke). Back to the topic of computers I have a lot of work to do on the other computers in the house. On my desktop the Geforce 9500 might be broken. I am wondering if it might be the power requirements when it is plugged in that is stopping the computer from turning on cause it has the cheapest possible PSU in it. That that would be odd cause it worked fine for about 5 months. But it might just be the cheap card but that is still surprising for Nvidia. The card was never really put to the test and should not have overheated but I will have to troubleshoot tomorrow. On my laptop I will have to deal with all the lame partitions on the hard drive that it came with. The button to fix it is grayed out which makes me mad but Sierra leader found a work around on his and I will have to do the same. When browsing though the Asus owners forms I found that quite a few people have installed "snow leaper" =P on the G51jx which supposed me, though I might install linex on my computer I will not taint it with mac OS =P.

I'm not a fan of ATI but this add is the funnest I have seen in a long time lol

That is all for now.


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