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The Last of Us

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Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles

Early access mod review

Overall, for only space-skirmish, it was really fun! I feel like the units were weak compared to how they are in the shows, but I guess it's for balancing the factions. The gameplay and graphics are great. The music is interesting, but at the same time, not right for the mood. Not every song fit the situation. Like I would hear this happy-calm music while having all these ships shooting. But still, good music. One thing I don't like is how you can only get the E.S.F SOL in a couple maps, not all because the only way to get it is with a "Milky Way Supergate" and it just seemed so limited. I wish I can buy it directly from the Taur'i space station instead. Also, I think it would have been cool to have the map auto-reveal the Fog of War to make it more interesting. This review isn't mean't to be critical or anything, I'm just giving my opinion. Other than that, I'm having a blast playing this!


World in Conflict

Game review

Really awesome game! Has really nice graphics and large scale. This may make the units seem small from a distance, but the action is still intense. And the controls aren't that complicated and the campaign was fun. I wish it had a better ending though. It kind of left some things in a cliffhanger.


Republic at War

Mod review

This is definitely the best Clone Wars mod for Empire at War I have ever played! All the units are well done, the movement animation for walkers is amazing, and I even consider this mod to be an actual game for how good it is! My only complaint was the lag in Galactic Conquest.



Engine review

I love this engine! Even on the highest graphic settings when I play Empire at War, I still get great FPS! If Petroglyph ever does a major update to this engine, I hope Lucas Arts comes out with another Empire at War game to go with it!


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Game review

One of the few Star Wars games that is actually good! Even for an old game, this is better than some of the newer games I've seen.


IW Engine

Engine review - 1 disagree

Well it's decent. It's nothing like BF3 but it's pretty good for today's standards.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Game review - 3 disagree

Not a terrible game, but it has it's flaws: Short campaign, I keep getting the worse lag from lag switchers so I can't have fun and fair matches in multiplayer, and survival mode doesn't have a chat system for PC users!


Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Game review

Homeworld 2

Game review - 1 disagree

It is an awesome game! The only flawed is me not being able handle this kind of RTS game. It's really complex and has a lot of stuff going on when playing. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and I just get confused with what is going on. But it is a really fun game. I really wish they made a 3rd game!

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